MARS Reptiles, Reptoids and Dinosaurs

My top Mars lizard specimens here. Some fossilised, some freeze dried in the dry cold atmosphere and

desiccated by the saline sand that sucks the moisture from the body like salt mummification.

Discovered in recent Mastcam images from the Mars Rovers.

All these can be referenced to the official NASA images and checked.

See video descriptions or my Gigapan site for image links.

Mars Dinosaur Skulls - Fossils - Playlist

Mars Dinosaur and Bird Found - ArtAlienTV

Images from Mars show a dinosaur, bird and many other remains in a relatively small area of Gale Crater. One has similar piranha like teeth to one from Jezero Crater. NASA remains silent on the matter.

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SOL 468 ML (EN) - Dino

SOL 468 ML (RAW) - Dino

SOL 554 MR (RAW) - Bird

MARTIANS, STATUES & Lizard Men - Strange Artefacts - ArtAlienTV

More statues and heads on Mars. Amazing Reptile like features and an elongated humanoid skull. Also some possible coral and petrified wood. Loads in this area.

An open mind is required when viewing images from other planets. One day our very survival may depend on it.

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MARS Burial Chamber - Reptoid and Structures - ArtAlienTV

An exposed Burial Chamber structure containing a very large either burial mask or person. Estimated head size over 2 feet ! Also a very large Reptoid of similar size, glyphs and other strange artefacts and structures from Sol 171 near the Perseverance Rover in Jezero Crater.

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Burial Chamber πŸ‘‰

Reptoid πŸ‘‰


This is real obvious this one. If you can't see what it is then there is no hope for any type of reality online. Even three year old kids can recognize dinosaurs and lizards so there is no excuse. Own up NASA!

The reptile head cranium is around 18 - 25 inches long. More dinosaur than lizard sized.

Also I take a look at a small carved figurine brought to light by researcher Martine Grainey. Some interesting details to be seen.

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Sitting Mummy & Lizard found on MARS - Anomalies are the Norm - ArtAlienTV

What looks like a sitting mummy wrapped in a shroud on Mars in Gale Crater. A fresh look at the shiny lizard that was first spotted years ago. Also what seems to be a petrified fish with its tail snapped off on the ground and a load of other anomalies that I have covered before. There are many more things in the area. These are just the clearer ones.

Curiosity Rover images from Sol 173 and 184. #Mars #Mummy #Lizard

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My original 2013 video of the lizard and crab here.

Lurking LIZARD Spotted on MARS - Wheel Structure - ArtAlienTV

What looks like a large reptile on Mars in Gale Crater. Similar to a Komodo Dragon. It may well be an optical illusion but it has a round wheel type structure right in front of it that looks very artificial. Also a bunch of other crazy finds including a bottle or figurine and a box like shelter structure in this Curiosity Rover image set from Sol 194. #Mars #Wheel #Structure

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MARS Marine Reptile. Gargoyle and Ruins by Perseverance. ArtAlienTV

Mars ruins and a gargoyle resembling a Marine Reptile. On this channel you get what is on the cover unlike the dozen or so bogus channels that fabricate finds and images and mislead the viewer. Beware of any channel that does not provide Sol numbers or image reference links !

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