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collection of Mars and Moon buildings, UFO's, objects and alien art on the internet. All in mobile friendly HD video format.

Mars plants, water, UFO's, writing, shipwrecks, tanks and vehicles shown in recent rover & satellite images.

Huge pyramids, towers, walled cities, Martian houses, concrete structures, domes, dolmens, bunkers and armoured compounds.

Mars statues, sphinxes, skeletal remains, calcified animals of all types, mummies and exposed tombs. Hundreds of fine examples. 

Amazing intelligent structures on Planet Mars, the Moon, Antarctica and in our Earth oceans.

Antarctica Pyramids, Atlantis Candidates, Ancient Maps, Nazca Lines, Egyptian Electricity and UFO's. All with source image links.

When the usual explanations no longer fit, the unusual must be considered. ArtAlienTV 2013. 

See video descriptions or my ArtAlienTV-Gigapans site for image links.

MARS Dragon Statue Guards Secret Entrance. ArtAlienTV 4K 

Mars rover image shows a large dragon statue near another amazing entrance that has clear rectangular brickwork !! Multiple strange objects on Dragon Ridge ! The structure is around 10 feet tall, dragon around 5.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here: 

Dead Martian by Ruined Structures. ArtAlienTV 

Mars rover image shows a dead Martian on a ridge above buried ruins in Gale Crater. Just below the Master of Mars that I showed a few years ago. More crazy things nearby.

The sceptics literally have no contrary evidence. ArtAlienTV holds all the cards with multiple examples of each on show going back many years. When the so called sceptics/debunkers resort to ridicule and abuse then they have already lost the argument. 

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

SOL 2679-80 MR - Dead Martian -

SOL 2671 MR - Master of Mars - 

Latest Videos - ArtAlienTV Playlist

MARS Dragon King - Large Alien Statue Found. ArtAlienTV 

Large Alien Statue found on Mars. Humanoid Portrait. On a lower slope of Mt Sharp. It overlooks Dragon Ridge that I showed recently, hence the name. Size around 4 ft. Also I show a wheel object, a long spike, a carved Duck and many things for comparison. Extensive evidence for life on Mars.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here:

SOL 4185 CC - Dragon King -

MARS Animal Spotted. Dragon Ridge. ArtAlienTV 

Animal spotted in Mars rover image, frozen/fossilized. Also architectural fragments, columns, concrete blocks and much more here at Dragon Ridge. The possible animal is around 6 inches. The small crab like person is around 3.

The sceptics literally have no contrary evidence. ArtAlienTV holds all the cards with multiple examples of each on show going back many years. When the so called sceptics/debunkers resort to ridicule and abuse then they have already lost the argument. 

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SOL 4171 - Meerkat -

SOL 4168 - Meerkat -

SOL 138 - Meerkat -

MARS Forbidden City. Pyramids, Domes. Multi Views. ArtAlienTV 4K 

The Mars Forbidden City at Aeolis Mons (Mt Sharp) in glorious 4K. Multiple Curiosity views and new close-ups in enhanced colour and negative to show the finer details of these incredible Pyramids/Ziggurats, Domes, Towers and Hangers. Many are ruins but many are in remarkable shape ! 

ZOOM Gigapans here:

MSL SOL 1115 - PIA19929 C - Mars Forbidden City


MSL SOL 1286 (EN) Boat by Forbidden City

MSL SOL 959 (RAW) Mars Forbidden City and Gargoyles

ANTARCTIC CITY Structures Found under Ice ! Atlantis or Alien (Prt 2) ArtAlienTV

New Antarctic city structures found near my Pyramid Complex find at the Read Mountains ! Rectangular and square buildings can be seen here. This is literally the tip of the iceberg ! New 4K images show multiple ruins under the ice.

Who ever built this in the Read Mountain range must have been very advanced to cope with the extreme conditions. It may well have been constructed when this area was free of ice thousands or even millions of years ago. My guess is that it was built by an ancient culture like Atlantis. It was not made by mother nature as the new details clearly show. 

If this is man made then it may predate any known structure found on Earth so far, calling into serious doubt what we are told about our human origins even more than ancient enigmas like the Pumapunku site in Bolivia or the massive Baalbek megaliths at Heliopolis in Lebanon.

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MARS DROIDS / CYBORGS - Breathing Gear - ArtAlienTV Playlist

Martians wearing helmets and possible breathing apparatus. Did these people survive the destruction on Mars and wear these things to breath in the depleted atmosphere ? 

MARS Doorway Entrance Found - What's Inside ? ArtAlienTV 

Mars images show a perfect doorway entrance with something inside ! The best example of a Mars Door so far I would say. Hard to deny this one. Credit to fellow researcher/YouTuber Jean Ward for this find. Awesome ! 

It closely resembles some of the tomb entrances at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Height around 1 to 2 feet. Possibly a tomb entrance. This entrance is around 50 metres from the row of square burial chambers and ruined rooms I showed in recent videos.

The mainstream press are largely issuing denials on this already. Claiming it is just a crack in the rock. LOL. Since when do cracks have perfect symmetry and smooth render on the inside with a nicely curved lintel above. There even seems to be a ramp next to it for a rolling stone door like the one in the video. 

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here:

MARS Doorway Entrance - All The Things Nearby. ArtAlienTV 

Over 350 objects/finds leading up to the "Mars Doorway Entrance". These were all found in Gale Crater by ArtAlienTV and friends. If you are new to this subject you may be shocked to find out that what you have been told by the zombie media is mostly BS. 

Feel free to ask any questions. NASA Image links under each video. 

Amazing 4km wide city on Mars with clear raised roads, walls, bridges, T junctions and structures all over. This is an incredible find from Greg Orme. NASA calls these "Well-Preserved Polygons" but you can see many rectangular structures in the walled compound areas of the city. The best and clearest example ever seen of a Martian City ! So far !

Some of the compounds may have contained water for irrigation or possibly fish farming. This video has been remastered for extra detail and clarity in 4K. 

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

Enhanced 👉

Raw 👉

Negative 👉 

Mars Giant Veg - Giant Jofruit Plants - ArtAlienTV  Playlist

Are these giant vegetables, gourds, fruit, cacti or fungi on Mars ? They have veins on them with roots going into the ground. Some even have vine roots joining them in lines. These are absolutely huge. From about 70 to over 200 metres in size.

The larger three on the cover image are over 130 metres each in size.

They are big enough to live in and potentially have a large supply of fresh drinking water and food in each. Pumpkin pie anyone ?  I have named these Jofruit ! 

MARS Flying V UFO - Drone War (Part 2) ArtAlienTV 4K

If ever there was a single image that destroys NASA's Mars narrative, then this is it ! This amazing Mars rover image shows a V shaped winged UFO being targeted from above and swinging to avoid it. The rocket projectile is coming down directly from above the UFO and the con trail is clear. Was this projectile from a satellite in orbit or one of the larger high altitude drones that I showed before ? The best / clearest Mars UFO so far ! Distance around 120 feet from the rover. Height around 70 feet. Wingspan 8 feet approx. 

The fact that the rover takes countless images of the sky and horizon with multi cameras strongly suggests that it's on Mars to record UFO activity and not just drill rocks as we have been lead to believe. The number of UFO' s in the images is large compared to a similar sized area on Earth. We were hoodwinked. This and my other recent Mars UFO finds blow the doors wide open as far as ET life is concerned. I wish I had checked these Navcam images a lot sooner. 

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here:

Top MARS Finds of 2022. Doorway, City Structures, Sphinx. ArtAlienTV 

All these can be seen on my Gigapan website. Feel free to ask for sizes. Links on Gigapan site. LATEST GIGAPANS HERE: 

NASA have been Spewing for Decades ! ArtAlienTV - 2022

It is patently obvious to anyone who has looked properly that there was life on Mars and may still be underground.

Whether you like it or not there is extensive evidence on this site or my channel ArtAlienTV.

If a government department makes denial statements when not even asked about this directly then there is an active coverup ongoing.

NASA have consistently denied the presence of any life on Mars whilst only sending rovers to dry and dead desert regions of the Mars surface.

If they were to send some to the northern melt zone areas towards the north pole then there would be no doubt at all with images of huge amounts of seasonal vegetation for instance. This green areas can be seen from space annually and can also be seen with Earth telescopes.

If an alien culture were to land a rover drone in the Sahara or Atacama deserts here then their people could be told that Earth is a dead planet. Especially if images of the planet were doctored and colour filtered to hide it's true nature.

It is far too easy to hide or obfuscate data in a bid to gain or maintain power over lesser nations on Earth. This is why many nations are now heading for Mars.

They simply do not trust the public narrative that NASA have been spewing for decades and want a piece of the real action.

With all the military war debris that I have shown on the surface it is of great importance to try and gain some of this tech for close study.

Personally I am far more interested in the extensive art, architecture and biology on or just below the surface and I have already catalogued dozens of species in each animal category, much as the scientists on the HMS Beagle would have done on Earth in the 18th century. And like Darwin, I am hounded, bullied and ridiculed for doing so.


This will not deter me. In fact attitudes towards my controversial finds have changed greatly over the last decade, and will further. 

Many of the so called debunkers have gone very quiet recently as the Ingenuity helicopter has been deployed in Jezero Carter. Proving that not only birds, but the UFOs that I have shown in the past would also be able to fly quite well in the supposedly extremely thin atmosphere. 


We have been disinformed about these matters for decades and the evidence I have proves it beyond reasonable doubt. 

See for yourself.

This statement from the NASA boss Bolden was made in Oct of 2014. 


Has the NASA boss announced life on Mars in this ITV news interview? Major General Charles Bolden Jnr -  head of NASA certainly hints on it in a very big way with a big nod and wink in this news article about both past and maybe present life.

Boldens Mars Quote -

"The most likely planet in our solar system that had life at one time, (wink) may have life now.....and we feel definitely can sustain life .. .. so that's the reason we chose it ".

Also the quote about us Brits;  

"taking things from the unknown and making them known" seemed like a hats off to us Mars researchers over in the UK.

My Father in law would also like the bit about us in the UK having a big part in early aeronautics as somebody who formally worked for NASA on the Apollo 11 mission as a thermodynamics engineer. Nice touch :)

Rewind and play a few times and listen very carefully. Is this disclosure? Almost! It's very close to it I think.

If we ever get any disclosure this is exactly how it is likely to come, in subtle sentences right at the start of an interview before your even tuned in properly.

First published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV - October 9th 2014.

Taken from ITV news at 10 - October 8th 2014. 

How long will it be until Mars gets robbed of priceless artefacts and gold ? Is Elon Musk a glorified art thief ? There are treaties to prevent ownership of land on Mars but mining for minerals is allowed. Do these people know about all the art on Mars? 

Is this why they pretend there is nothing there but rocks? Perhaps they want to rob the artefacts to sell on Earth for billions of dollars. Perhaps this is the real reason everyone wants to get to Mars. Gold Rush. #Mars #Art #Robbed 

Pareidolia, Swamp Gas and Weather Balloons ?

When will the mainstream media take notice of the intelligent structure finds on Mars, Moon, Ceres, Pluto and other planetary bodies in our solar system?

Is there a concerted effort to keep this from the public? Most of the press only seem to publish very low quality finds the are very blurry and easy to dismiss (Mars giant mouse story) with some childish headline or comment by someone who has never researched these planets for more then a minute on Google. The so called science media have a mental age of around 6 years old. 

NASA are now saying that everything us researchers find is down to pariedolia. The modern equivalent of swamp gas or a weather balloon. Some of it may be, but some most definitely is not. 

Many finds are shown from multiple angles from different cameras on different days. Far more evidence than needed to convict a person to prison or a shooting, speeding or for some minor issue as is now happening across the US and UK !

If there is nothing on Mars for instance then why are JPL using fake sand to cover up interesting archaeological artefacts on the planets surface? This is a fact and has been proven by myself and many other researchers in recent months.

Fortunately for us they miss objects quite regularly. 

I actually think that many at NASA are trying to leak information to us anomaly hunters. I personally had an email recently from a female NASA engineer claiming that the fake sand and image tampering was strictly a JPL policy and nothing to do with the technicians and engineers at NASA. 

The media are just misinformed and ignorant on these intricate matters. Perhaps one day a real newspaper/organization will realize the importance of some of these finds and give it the front page it deserves. I wont hold my breath!


BTW, I saw your post on trolls and realized my profile fits! So this is me, not a troll: 

I worked on the space station, Delta Rockets, and the Space Shuttle. (A bit on the defended ARES).

I was a technician, for McDonnell Douglas (bought by Boeing), then United Space Alliance, which was a child project of Boeing and Lockheed. The NASA people I worked with were just regular people, engineers and inspectors. I worked briefly with some JPL folks once. A-holes...very clickish, treated everyone else as if we were all mentally deficient. Would NASA hoax? If they ordered to, I expect any government entity would...people just want a job...

Again, my apologies for uninvited email!

Keep searching!

Joe White - ArtAlienTV

Mars Alien Arms & Armour - ArtAlienTV  Playlist

Moon & Ceres Alien Bases & Buildings - ArtAlienTV Playlist

Giant Moon Cylinder Structure found - Apollo 11 - ArtAlienTV 

Some massive base structures on the Moon. One a giant cylindrical shape miles long, a crater base, a large crystal dome in the distance, one is a domed tower and many more crazy structures that are hard to deny. There are many more smaller ones in this amazing Apollo 11 image taken from the Eagle but these were the clearest to show. #Moon #Cylinder #Structure

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in July 2019 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 12th Aug 2019. 

See SuperZoom Gigapan here👉

Latest ArtAlienTV Pans 👉 

Alien Skulls - Bones on Mars - ArtAlienTV Playlist

Unapproved Knowledge

It has long been obvious to me that there was life on Mars and may still be. Why do the establishment refuse to address this ?

There is plenty of evidence for life on Mars on my YouTube channel for those who care to look. Hundreds of statues, buildings, objects, remains and wrecks on Mars. Much of it quite recent looking.

I endeavour to show clearer and more obvious finds than some channels who just talk, wave there arms and show things of little clarity or consequence.

A lot of channels and researchers out there hijack my work, make false claims or misquote things about my discoveries. Some simply get things wrong by lack of research or get things muddled up, but some is deliberate disinformation.

Does it take an official government or scientist to approve of my findings before they are accepted ? 

I think not. Government people can't even agree witch way is up and most scientists are too scared to speak out for fear of ridicule or removal of funding.

What is now approved knowledge was put forward by unapproved researchers in the past only for it to become accepted over time.

Politicians and scientists will often only go with a new theory when it suits them and helps to further their career. These theories often turn out to be wrong. 

Therefore I suggest that these muppets should be bypassed in order to speed up the disclosure process. 

Otherwise it may take another 50 years for this information to be known. Then of course the press and media on the whole can not be trusted to disseminate this knowledge in a grown up fashion without labeling researchers as crackpots.

It seems that YouTube and other social media platforms are the best way to spread this information but it will still take years. Some organizations would rather destroy the internet than let it be known. Care is required.

Trust your eyes, not their lies!

Joe White - ArtAlienTV

GODS of MARS (Part 2) Martian Statue Art Collection. ArtAlienTV 

26 Mars statues from my collection. A stunning array of different artistic styles that were crafted by alien hands on the planet Mars sometime in the past. Apart from the giant sphinx that is about 200 feet long most of these are quite small. Around the 6 inch mark and are all my own finds except a few that were sent in by my awesome subscribers and fellow researchers from around the Earth.

These Curiosity Rover images are generally of poor quality so some of these statue heads are a little unclear but many are larger and close the Curiosity Rover so are as clear as you will get on any YouTube channel. This is a culmination of nearly 5 years work on the curiosity images that I check every day and are by no means the only artifacts I have discovered. There are many Martian buildings and objects too on my channel so please take the time to browse through them before verbally crucifying me in the comments section! 

Most of these were found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV between 2013 and 2017 and were originally published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV on the specific days mentioned under each respective video. 

Alien Culture 

A sufficiently advanced alien culture could live anywhere in our solar system with almost no restrictions from climate.

Simply by parking a well equipped ship with advanced life support systems, it would be possible to survive in almost any environment.

From the rings of Saturn to the frozen wastes of Antarctica there would be little to prevent this from being possible.

Our narrow conceptions and imagination are the only thing preventing us from officially announcing intelligent alien life.

I have already shown this life on both Mars and our Moon with little difficulty by just using dogged determination, common

sense and above all, open mindedness.

I find it incredulous that more people have not done the same in recent years. Evidence for alien life is bountiful in our space images of certain areas as I have demonstrated many times in recent years. 

Perhaps this shows the severe lack of care that our human species has for the unknown unless there is a direct threat to our rather immature and frivolous war like society.

I am absolutely sure that the powers that be are aware of a certain presence but pretend to ignore it. So as to not reveal our inability to respond to what is likely to be vastly superior technology.

Luckily for us, this local presence is a lot less violent and impulsive than us intellectually primitive and blissfully ignorant Earth humans and are probably sparing us due to a closely linked past heritage.

Joe White - ArtAlienTV

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