MARS Cities

There are many ruined cities and structures on Mars. Most are buried but many are clearly visible both from satellite data

and the countless rover images. Adding contrast will reveal buried details through the sand, especially from orbit.

This is digital exo-archaeology !

See video descriptions or my Gigapan site for image links.

City Structure found on MARS - 3.5 km Compound - ArtAlienTV

Mars Satellite Image shows a huge 3.5 km rectangular citadel/compound in this HiRISE image taken from orbit. This is so blatantly an artificial structure with internal ones inside. It also would have had a moat around it. Insane details here !

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MARS City Sewer System: Jezero. Phobos Eclipse. ArtAlienTV

Mars images show the Jezero Crater sewer/irrigation system in detail. It links to all the main buildings with both in and out pipes. Astonishing images here ! Devastating evidence ! Also the Phobos Solar Eclipse, moving footage !

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Jezero City North West

Jezero Crater (West)

Jezero High Contrast

Perseverance SOL 414 - The Kodiak

Perseverance's Location

Phobos Eclipse

MARS City Structures: Jezero. Rover Back Shell Spotted. ArtAlienTV

Triple bill: 1: Mars Ingenuity images show back shell and parachute of the Perseverance landing from the copter drone. 2 : Update on the city complex structures and channels to the north of the rover landing zone in Jezero Crater. 3: I theorise about a possible alien hack into the central AI systems of Earth from possible recovered ET tech or long range signal like the one we picked up at Comet 67p !

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Perseverance’s Backshell

Jezero Crater City in High Contrast

MARS City Found - Roads and Structures - ArtAlienTV (Part 1)

A 4km wide city on Mars with clear raised roads and structures all over and around. This is an incredible recent find from Greg Orme. NASA calls these "Well-Preserved Polygons" but you can see many rectangular structures in the walled compound areas of the city as well as small bridges and many T junctions. The best and clearest example ever seen of a Martian City ! So far !

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Mars City HC πŸ‘‰

Enhanced πŸ‘‰

Raw πŸ‘‰

Negative πŸ‘‰

These were first found by top researcher Greg Orme. 2016 Paper here -

Published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - April 10th 2022.

MARS CITY - Structures in Gale Crater - ArtAlienTV

Some very interesting intelligent building structures in Gale Crater South including many square depressions and possible buildings disguised as dunes. Even some cave like rectangular dwellings. Remastered Version.

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The structures were first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV - Oct 29th 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Oct 31st 2020.

See here -

Mars Buildings & Ancient Alien Ruins - Playlist

Martian architecture, pyramids, domes and buildings. Ancient ruins on the surface of Mars as shown in official NASA images. You can even see doorways and windows on some of these.

All images can be checked and referenced by following the links under each video. According to NASA these are all genuine Mars images. They won't admit these anomalies but won't directly deny them either !

MARS Architecture - Structures & Ruins - Playlist

Conclusive evidence for life on Mars. Cities, Architecture, Buildings, Ruins, Construction, Concrete, Masonry, Houses, Domes, Pyramids, Ziggurats, Obelisks, Cave Dwellings, Steps, Bunkers, Towers, Monoliths, Walls, Fortifications, Hangers, Dolmens, Tombs, Gravestones, Cut Blocks, Pipes and Plumbing.

All images linked to under each video. If links don't work, feel free to ask.

Spotted March 2021 by ArtAlienTV - A whole year before the perseverance even landed !

MARS Perseverance UPDATE - Jezero City Spotted - ArtAlienTV

Multiple rectangular and dome structures spotted in Jezero Crater near the Perseverance Rover landing zone. Matching city building structures and ancient ruins seen both from the rover and from space. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images #jezero

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Atlantis City found on MARS - Streets & Structures - ArtAlienTV

Amazingly clear city ruins on Mars in the Atlantis Chaos region. Massive domes and exposed substructures with a rectangular grid system. Eroded and half buried in dust and sand. It is over 3 km wide so is perhaps more of a large town in scale. Near the centre is a huge pointed dome around the same size as the one in Gale Crater at Mt Sharp. There is also a very large arch shaped structure below the pointed dome.

This is one of the most convincing Mars City finds in years and was spotted by researcher Javed Ranza in July 2019. #Mars #City #Structures

GIGAPAN CREDIT: Neville Thompson

Millions of Mars Domes - Giant Alien City Structures ? ArtAlienTV

Are these buildings on Mars? NASA calls them frosty dunes, yet many are rectangular. The larger structures as seen on the cover are around 1200 feet in size and the smaller ones in clusters on Google Earth are around 400 feet and resemble detached town/city buildings perhaps.

Some look very reflective and metallic, some square, some rectangular, some V shaped and many are in long line formations that become joined with sand drifts in some areas.

The larger structures at Hyperboreae Undae have dark spots on them. Could this be plant growth of some sort?

These satellite images raise more questions about the seeming lack of interest from NASA and the inadequate explanations they give for these often amazing pictures.

See me on the new Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel. Episodes 1 & 2 - "Pyramids of Antarctica" & "Destination Mars"

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on August 2017 and originally published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - September 1st 2017.

Image Credits:



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA image link:

Thousands of Mars Domes - Dune City Houses ? (Short Version)

(Short Version) " Are these intelligent dome structures on Mars? In this PIA21688 image taken by the 2001 Odyssey Satellite we have what resemble thousands/hundreds of dome structures ranging in size from around 50 to over 100 feet. Some with sand drifted by them. Most of these are the same size and are nicely spaced as if by intelligent design. Some are in clusters and even straight line formations.

Many are actually rectangular in shape on closer inspection.

NASA made no attempt to explain these structures and flippantly referred to them as looking like a barrage of bullets.

Quote: Do you see what I see? Look out, a barrage of bullets is headed our way!

I think you can understand my point of view when it comes to NASA showing such a blatant disregard for the public and researchers around the world with such a pathetic explanation for this image.

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on June 28th 2017 and originally published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - June 30th 2017.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

NASA image link:


MARS Fortress City - Atlantis Chaos Structures - ArtAlienTV

Some amazing walled fortress structures and city ruins at Atlantis Chaos on Mars. Mind blowing in fact.

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Light πŸ‘‰

Dark πŸ‘‰

Darker πŸ‘‰

MARS Forbidden City - Structures Seen from Space (Part 1) ArtAlienTV

Part 1 - Stunning HiRISE image of the Mars Forbidden City on Mt Sharp in Gale Crater confirming the city structure photos I have shown from the Curiosity Rover. Amazing ruined city buildings seen from space.

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ArtAlienTV-Gigamacro Main Page HERE πŸ‘‰

The Forbidden City was first found/named by Joe White - ArtAlienTV - 2015 and these space views were published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Oct 23rd 2020.

MARS Forbidden City - Structures Seen from Space (Part 2) ArtAlienTV

Part 2 - More stunning HiRISE images of the Mars Forbidden City on Mt Sharp in Gale Crater that resembles Machu Picchu in Peru, confirming the city structure photos I have shown from the Curiosity Rover. Even a landslide going down a large octagonal storm drain and some irrigation channels that would have fed the terraces for crops. More amazing ruined city buildings, structures and terraces seen from space.

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SUPERZOOM Gigapan here πŸ‘‰

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MARS Perseverance New Footage - City Structures - ArtAlienTV

Amazing new Rover footage, City ruins, Heat Shield and Parachute near the Perseverance Rover in Jezero Crater. You can even see the Percy wheels from space. Check out the structures I have named "The Wine Glass" and "The Crown". Astonishing artificial shapes.

A stunning virtual 3D walkaround of Mont Mercou in Gale Crater to see also. Much more to come on that later. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MARS - The Forbidden City - Anomaly Maps. ArtAlienTV 2020

The Forbidden City on Mars at Mt Sharp. A giant 60 ft statue head. Also many other new and crazy anomaly finds in context with these gigapan anomaly maps to search.

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Mars City πŸ‘‰

Giant Bird πŸ‘‰

Cave Dwellings on MARS - Intelligent Structures & Domes - ArtAlienTV

What looks like hundreds of cave dwellings on Mars. Also a 300 ft Dome and a similar sized Ziggurat on Mt Sharp. There are bunker like structures and I take another look at the Mars Sewer outlet/storm drain that I published a while back.

These are mainly Chemcam Curiosity Rover images that are clear and not downgraded like many we get. So what you see here is what is actually there on the Mountain. No JPEG artefacts here.