MARS Animals

Petrified animals on the surface of Mars. Some very strange creatures here, but some of them look very familiar.

Some look very alien indeed. Many seem to be statue parts. Carved from stone or fashioned from clay.

You may ask why there are so many animal heads just lying in the dirt on Mars. My theory is that Gale was once and

may still be an oasis with liquid water in it or just below the surface. Creatures would have gathered

there to drink or perhaps breath the air which would be much more dense at this very low altitude of minus 4.7 km.

On Earth you get high concentrations of different animals in drying up oasis's.

As animals are eaten by predators or die their bodies become dismembered often leaving the head in one piece

as it is hard to remove the flesh from an animals head. The very cold and dry conditions helping to preserve these

specimens and mummify them. They may be tens of thousands of years old.

Many of these are unknown and as of yet unclassified Mars animal species.

All these can be referenced to the official NASA images and checked. See video descriptions or my Gigapan site for image links.

MARS DOGS and BEARS - Playlist

Latest MARS Perseverance Images - WTF !! ArtAlienTV

Some crazy things in the latest images from Perseverance rover on Mars. The Hell Ape ! #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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Ape πŸ‘‰

Statue πŸ‘‰

2 Heads πŸ‘‰

Small Statue πŸ‘‰

MARS Creatures - Art & Remains - Playlist

MARS - Another Animal Statue Facing North ! ArtAlienTV

Another Mars animal statue in this latest image from the Perseverance rover. Facing north like most of the others I have shown recently. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MARS Latest - The Food, the Sad and the Ugly - ArtAlienTV

A dead Mars animal with four legs, a large carved portrait and another head in Jezero Crater near the Perseverance rover. These are all over the place. These rodents are probably what the birds eat and the rodents eat the bugs. I have shown many examples of all these things in the last 9 years. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MSL SOL 3151 MR ML πŸ‘‰

MSL SOL 3151 MR πŸ‘‰


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Mars Living Creatures ? - Playlist

Possible living creatures on Mars. Do rocks have limbs or show motion blur like the crab and snake do here? No they do not! You can see that some of these creatures are still moving around from on day to another as in Mars 15 Days Later. See for yourself.

How many more of these alien creatures need to found before the media actually stand up and take note? And why do they only focus on really blurry distant shots that are easily dismissed when there is clear evidence of living animals all over the place in Gale Crater?

If the Mars aliens landed a robot like the Curiosity in the Sahara desert on Earth then they could claim that life on Earth died out long ago also. Strange that! Mmmm!

Mars Animals - Playlist

Mars Birds - Playlist

Turtles found on MARS - Beyond the Grave - ArtAlienTV

A clear turtle on Mars. Also a hatchling one as well as a tortoise. Loads of things to see here including apes and other creatures. Even figurines, tombstones and graves.

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MARS 2020 - Animal Found - Latest Images - ArtAlienTV

What looks like a dead animal on Mars in Gale Crater in this latest Curiosity Rover image set of 2020. Also some other possible skulls and strange objects lying around. See for yourself. #Mars #Animal #Strange

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Mars Primates - Planet of the Apes - Playlist


What looks like an animal skull uncovered by the blast as the Curiosity landed on Mars in Gale Crater. This 5 inch skull resembles a sheep or goat in morphology with a possible dinosaur or bird leg bone in the background near a drum like rock object with a possible face like structure carved in it.

This is a revisit to the sheep skull I published back in Jan 2014 but with a clearer source image from the Mars Gigapan. The eye detail is quite astonishing in the well preserved freeze dried skull that seems to have flesh and hair still intact. Was it killed by the Rover as it landed? Or has it been there for thousands of years ?

First found by ArtAlienTV on Jan 30th 2014 and first published on YouTube 31st January 2014.

MARS - The DOG of WAR - ArtAlienTV

What looks like a dog or similar creature on Mars in Gale Crater. I compare the images back to back to show the similarities with war dogs and tanks on Earth. Also some other strange and mutated beings in these Curiosity Rover images. This area is littered with such things. Some carved and some possibly calcified. #Mars #Dog #Alien

Hysteria free analysis from ArtAlienTV. One of the most plagiarized channels on YouTube.

Mars Mummified Animal ? Curiosity Rover Views - ArtAlienTV

An alien skull encrusted in clay, a rock with possible dead crustations on it's shady underside, a potential statue head, a possible fossilized/petrified creature, a possible beer bottle with the label still on it and perhaps a small carved gargoyle on Mars in this Gale Crater.

From Curiosity Rover image set Sol 67.

I try to explain the circumstances of this real treasure trove of alien mummified finds and how both the temperature, soil sulphur, salty sand and lack of oxygen may preserve them in such detail. Like a type of natural Martian mummification, particular to this dry, cold planets subsurface 4.7 km down in Gale Crater.

Mars - Primitive Horse Found - Herbivore ! ArtAlienTV

Mars image shows a small horse, dinosaur or similar herbivore creature. I spotted and showed this 7 years ago yet still people try to convince us there is nothing but sand and rocks on planet Mars.

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Latest ArtAlienTV Pans πŸ‘‰

MARS Alien Animal Skull - Horse ? ArtAlienTV

An extremely clear skull with flesh still on it that resembles a horse or goat and a possible bird in flight in the background of Gale Crater - Mars. The animal head/skull is about 16 inches long with teeth and even lips still intact.

The possible bird is large, about a 100 metres away but it's wing shape can be seen in a M configuration when the image is enhanced.

I have provided a MASTCAM damaged pixel map here for any UFO spotter to use to rule out any image artefact confusion.

(Or just pause the video and image clip it - right near the end of the video at 12.47 minutes)

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First spotted by Joe White ArtAlienTV and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - June 19th 2014.

MARS RHINO - New Animal Species Found - ArtAlienTV 2020

An amazingly detailed Rhino or Boar like creature on MARS. Also s possible Hedgehog christened Sonic ! 😎

See the Rhino Gigapan here πŸ‘‰

Sonic Here πŸ‘‰

Sonic Gigapan here πŸ‘‰

The Mars Rhino was first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in Feb 2019 and

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Aug 7th 2020.

The Hedgehog I found in Aug 2020.