MARS People

My best Martians here. Some skulls and actual humanoids. Some possibly carved. I have dozens more but these are the 

nearest to the rover so are quite clear. Some of these Martians are less than 2 feet tall, 

many are human sized and a few are very large and would have been between 10 and 20 feet.

See video descriptions or my  Gigapan site  for image links.

MARS MAN Found - Protohuman Preserved. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars Perseverance shows one the most compelling images of a Martian so far. Around twice human size with quite extraordinary facial detail.  This example resembles some of our early human ancestors like Cro-Magnon or Neanderthals and represents one of the larger Martian humanoid types that I have catalogued in the last decade. Height could have been 7 - 9 feet or much more. 

I expect many on Earth to reject this specimen as evidence and they will try an claim it is just a rock even though it has a clear humanoid face with quite incredible nose and mouth details with a semi conical shaped cranium. Skin intact. 

Many on Earth simply do not want these things to exist as it shatters their narrow mainstream paradigm. 

This may have been covered in sand until very recently or is less than 20,000 years old. 

Freeze dried Seal specimens in Antarctica have been found in a similar almost perfect condition at well over 6000 years old.  Conditions on Mars are comparable but with much less moisture and oxygen enabling extended preservation. 

I have shown dozens of freeze dried examples like this in previous videos. It is in the middle of a ruined and buried structure near the rover. There are many mother strange remains in the area.

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MARS People - Well Preserved Mummies. ArtAlienTV

Mummified people on Mars. This one resembles the Mars man and woman mummies that I published years ago, both in size and features. (Less than 2 feet tall) 

This one like them seems to have baggage obscuring the body with the head sticking up behind, like a bag lady. Mummified and mineralized.

There are also many craniums and statue figures in this area as shown.

See loads more like this here 👉

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Is this a man and woman on Mars? Were they freeze dried in some disaster on the surface in 1941 when astronomer Clyde Tombaugh saw an explosion up there? I looks like they huddled together in an attempt to protect themselves perhaps. The woman on the left is wearing a dress, has long hair and seems to be holding a bag with her right hand. The possible man is wearing a strange hat and looks to have a blue eyes and large nose and chin. They both have visible face detail even in the so called raw image that has had much of the detail destroyed by JPL. 

I spent hours trying to restore this image to show people out there that Martine Grainey (Bournemouth UK) who first spotted these mini Maintains is probably correct in her original analysis on this incredible find. 

They are small. No taller than two feet if stood up, probably less.

There is also what seems to be a small pistol and possible water jug/canteen that they may have been carrying before they were mummified. As always feel free to comment if you see something else"

First found by Martine Gainey: 23/12/2012 - and published later on ArtAlienTV on YouTube August 21st 2015.

Full credit to Martine for this amazing find. Her interpretation can be seen here: 

UFAH Favorite images part 3

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

NASA image link: 

Dead Martians - MARS Burial Structures Exposed ! ArtAlienTV (4K R) 

4K. Mars bodies and burial mound structures near all 4 rovers. Perseverance, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. These are all over the place and I have shown well over 200 craniums, statues and burial items near them so far. These are just a few of many. They are near all the rovers so I can't see how anyone can actually deny them with any credibility intact. 

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SOL 62 ML (EN) 

SOL 62 MR (RAW) 

SOL 62 ML (RAW) 

SOL 68

MARS 2020 - Albino Alien Spotted ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks like an albino alien entity on Mars peering from behind a rock. Quite small, but facial features are quite clear. Could this live underground in the area as some have suggested ?

Spotted by fellow researcher Sarah Runcie.

Gale Crater Curiosity Rover image from Sol 1450. #Mars #Alien #Person


GODS of MARS (Part 2) Martian Statue Art Collection. ArtAlienTV 

26 Mars statues from my collection. A stunning array of different artistic styles that were crafted by alien hands on the planet Mars sometime in the past. Apart from the giant sphinx that is about 200 feet long most of these are quite small. Around the 3 - 6 inch mark and are all my own finds except a few that were sent in by my awesome subscribers and fellow researchers from around the Earth.

These Curiosity Rover images are generally of poor quality so some of these statue heads are a little unclear but many are larger and close the Curiosity Rover so are as clear as you will get on any YouTube channel. This is a culmination of nearly 5 years work on the curiosity images that I check every day and are by no means the only artifacts I have discovered. There are many Martian buildings and objects too on my channel so please take the time to browse through them before verbally crucifying me in the comments section!

See me on the new Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel. Episodes 1 & 2 - "Pyramids of Antarctica" & "Destination Mars"

Most of these were found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV between 2013 and 2017 and were originally published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV on the specific days mentioned under each respective video. 

Humanoid Mummy Found on Mars - ArtAlienTV 

Is this another small mummified person on Mars? This one has a belt and chain around the torso. You can see the chain links even in the raw image. The mummy is about 6 or 7 inches tall much like many others found in the area by myself and other researchers. The size is determined by the rover wheel in the main image.

There is what resembles a chain belt from the left shoulder to the right underarm. Could this be a baldric? As well as one around the waist.

Rather disturbingly if you carefully look at the leg on the left, it seems foreshortened and malformed with 3 pin like structures protruding from it. 

Was this small person disabled ?

This could be another example of the sulfur rich Mars soils and lake sediments preserving things for many thousands of years in a hard dry crust. Looking similar in appearance to the bodies at Pompeii on Earth.

I have shown hundreds similar things in the area on my YouTube channel ArtAlienTV over the last 7 years.

The mummy was first found by Lányi Gábor and published on Facebook Group Martian Genesis on the 3rd March 2019 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 4th March 2019.


What looks like a small Martian in a brown hat behind a rock on Mars. This is just crazy. What can I say? If you look closely you can see the zip on his jacket and he is wearing a brown hat or helmet to match. I think the alien figure or whatever it is, may actually only be around a foot or so tall.

I first published this 6 years ago on my channel. #Mars #Statue #Structures

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Thanks to Jose Llorca for spotting this and sending me the tip. See his channel here:

First found by Jose Llorca - Nov 2013 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Nov 26 2013. 

The MARS Prince - Row of Statues (Part 6) ArtAlienTV 2020 

A stunning Mars statue of a young man possibly made of bronze with a crown. A beheaded Martian with a fatal cranial injury with brain showing and a multitude of other similar finds in this new gigapan composite of Sol 571.

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MARS MAN - MISSING LINK ? Alien in NASA Image. ArtAlienTV (Part 2) 

NEW IMAGES - Is this a naturally freeze dried Martians head on Mars in this official NASA image of Knudsen Ridge?  He has long hair, a shriveled eye, an ear with a possible ring in it, a long nose, a large cheek bone, very pronounced teeth and a small receding chin. He looks like a primitive proto-humanoid. Like you would expect the missing link to look like. 

These are certainly not human proportions on show here. This looks like an alien up close and personal and there seems to be a smaller monkey like skull just to the right of it and a possible sea shell above it in this large format panoramic image from NASA's Opportunity Rover. 

And if any of you still think this is Devon Island then you must be nuts. Unless there were aliens living there, building sphinxes and pyramids. Lol. 

See my many Mars playlists for more on them.


MARS MAN - MISSING LINK ? Alien in NASA Image. ArtAlienTV (Part 1) 

Scary Martian & Statues - Mars Museum Pieces (Part 1) ArtAlienTV 

3 angles of a scary looking head on Mars. Also in these three Curiosity Rover images there are multiple statues and other interesting artefacts that look like they should belong in a museum in the ancient and modern art display sections. Humanoids and animals alike. Fill your boots :)


Mars Rover Runs Over Martian - NASA Cover Up ! ArtAlienTV 

A small Martian was run over on Mars by the Spirit Rover. The rover tracks go right over him. He has an elongated cone-head shaped head and would have been about 18 inches tall according to the wheel tread width. The body must have been lying frozen in the surface permafrost.

This image from 12 years back shows the most blatant evidence of obfuscation I have ever seen. JPL tried to blur out much of the image but they missed the head and shoulder.

See me on Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel. Episodes 1 & 2 - "Pyramids of Antarctica" & "Destination Mars"

First found by researcher Vladimir Vladimirov in October 2017 and published on Facebook by him October 29th then YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - March 20th 2018.

Vlads post:

Vlads page:

NASA image link:

MARS 2020 - Trooper Found by Pipe & Structures - ArtAlienTV 

Another person in a helmet on Mars. A trooper or soldier perhaps. Seems to still have breathing apparatus attached to the nose. Also a stone pipe structure similar to ancient Greek ones. And a piece of cut / angled masonry from a larger ruined structure.

All in Gale Crater Curiosity Rover image set 2635.

I added a bunch of other similar finds Helmet at the end of the video to compare also. 

Enjoy. #Trooper #Mars #Alien


Military Personnel found on MARS - With Breathing Gear - ArtAlienTV 2020 

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Head With Breathing Gear 👉 

Mars Astronaut Here 👉

MARS 2020 - CYBORGS with Breathing Gear - ArtAlienTV  👉  

MARS CYBORGS - Breathing Gear - Playlist  👉  

MARS 2020 - DOWNED PLANE Found - Pilot in Wreckage - ArtAlienTV  👉

The new Head in breathing gear was first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV 6th Sept 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 7th Sept 2020. 

MARS MAN WALKING (Part 2) Gigapan Views. ArtAlienTV 

A fresh look at the figure of a Man walking on Mars. Possibly a statue about 4 feet or so high or more. Also many other things including people and a large shipwreck in Gale Crater. Curiosity Sol 590 and 603.

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MARTIANS - BIG or SMALL? Comparing Alien Anomaly Sizes (2) ArtAlienTV 

Was the previous civilization on Mars very small? Or were they various different sizes? I comment here on a story in the Mirror newspaper about the evidence for and against this hypothesis. 

Saying that there are Martians only 3 cm tall is impossible to verify as the resolution of the cameras on the rover is too low to spot anything that small unless the Curiosity is literally right over such things.

What looks like a Mars alien caught behind a rock, a Mars man walking in Gale Crater are compared to a large elongated skull and a spoon. All found within a few hundred metres of each other from a few different Curiosity Rover images. The 2 figures look to be carved statues/statuettes where as the skull is much bigger. It looks like a freeze dried Martians head.

First published on YouTube 6th February 2015 by ArtAlienTV.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

NASA image links: 

MARS Images that Destroy NASA's Narrative - The Boy ! ArtAlienTV 

A calcified/petrified human or doll on Mars. Large cranium with perfect eyes and facial details, foreshortened limbs and torso, toes and reproductive organs can be seen. All in this recent and quite astonishing Gale Crater Curiosity Rover image. This is only around 4 to 8 inches in size. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images


MARTIANS, STATUES & Lizard Men - Strange Artefacts - ArtAlienTV 

More statues and heads on Mars. Amazing Reptile like features and an elongated humanoid skull. Also some possible coral and petrified wood. Loads in this area.

An open mind is required when viewing images from other planets. One day our very survival may depend on it.

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People Found on MARS - New Gigapans - ArtAlienTV 

A look at some Mars people finds. Check out Spike ! Latest strange images from planet Mars.

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ArtAlienTV-Gigamacro Main Page HERE 👉 

MARS Ancient Dead Soldier Found ? Alien Corpse Revisited. ArtAlienTV 

" Taking another more detailed look at what looks very much like a complete ancient alien corpse of a possible dead soldier found on Mars in this Curiosity image. Is this a well preserved body is lying on a slope next to a strange piece of alien technology? Perhaps some kind of weapon or vehicle like a hover bike or jet pack. He's wearing a trench coat with a handgun holster and there seems to be moss growing in the surrounding area. It may be drawing moisture from the dead alien soldier. Is this the big "Mars smoking gun" we have been anticipating? Looks like it ! If you look carefully you can see a handgun holster just below his elbow. Estimated body length around 5 feet tall. If you look below left of his withered feet you can see what looks like one of his boots half buried in the Martian sand.

This is from the same image set as the recent "Mars statue" discovery. 

Is this yet more compelling evidence of a recent war on Mars?

These anomalies were first found and published by ArtAlienTV on the same day - February 9th 2014 ".

See the original video here:

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MARS People Found ! Mars Museum Pieces (Part 3) ArtAlienTV 

A whole load of people found on Mars. Multiple preserved remains and exposed burials. Humanoids, animals and objects.

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Sol 513 👉

Sol 519 👉