MARS Plants & Water

Some scientists are now saying there are fungi on Mars. I have been showing evidence for this since my 

YouTube channel started back in 2013 and on my former websites /.net since 2007. 

There is coral, petrified wood, fungi, moss, liken and tree roots to be seen in these videos. Over 35 examples. 

Even living cacti plants and crawling vines. Some are massive like the vines near Jezero Crater 

or the ginormous Jofruit I found in 2020 that are well over 100 metres in size. You will be amazed !

The latest mineralized plant find is about an inch but very near to the Curiosity over camera. 

There is water on Mars but in most cases it is momentary. The smaller plants drink the frost / ice meltwater where as 

the giant plants send roots down deep below the permafrost where there is liquid water.

See video descriptions or my  Gigapan site  for image links.

MARS Giant Veg - New Jofruit HiRISE Images ! ArtAlienTV (Part 2) Narrated 

(Part 2 Narrated) Mars HiRISE images show the giant Jofruit I found 2 years back in real bright colour and not red filtered as before. These appear to be giant veg/gourds or cacti with spines. I also show where to find them on Google Mars. There are millions/billions of them that often show as brown stains or vague domes in formation. But some are bright gold and reflective. The breeding pairs are over 200 metres wide. Adults around 130 metres and young around 70. Some birthing ones have long runner bean like pods in lines that then separate into smaller young. Some of these Jofruit pods are 2 km long. Yes you read that right. See the gigapan links and see for yourself ! 

This is what they look like unfrozen. They are usually frosted over and look like icy dunes so NASA ignores them.

The cover image shows 4 stages. 1 Young, 2 Adolescent, 3 Adult and 4 Breeding Pair. Long pods appear after this point as shown in the video.

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

2 km Pods

IRB Four Stages

RGB/Red Spines

Mars Trees & Plants - Organics - ArtAlienTV Playllist

MARS Giant Vines Spotted. 900 ft Plants ! ArtAlienTV 

Mars HiRISE images show amazing (984 ft) giant Spider Vine plants. These are the best and closest images of these ever seen. They appear unfrozen with long branches and grow in huge patches on the Martian surface. I have shown these before but never in this much clear unfrozen detail ! 

Are these related to the Giant Gourds/Veg that I found a while back ? These are even bigger. Some appear to be cracks but many are not ! 

NASA calls these Spiders/geological features. I call them Spider Vines and say they are possible biology ! Not mutually exclusive !

#Mars #VinePlants #Hirise #Images #MRO

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IRB/2 -

IRB/3 -

UFO and Vegetation Spotted on MARS ! ArtAlienTV 

Double Bill - Mars rover image shows a black saucer UFO. Also an amazing HiRISE image shows green vegetation on the Mars frozen ground in good detail. The large 50 to 100 metre moss patches seem to be on the edge of a deep cavern that may be a thermal vent. These both match many previous finds on my channel going back years.

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

Veg Closer


MARS Platform Structure and Plant - Near the Doorway - ArtAlienTV 

A blatant concrete platform on Mars. A plant much like the ones I showed recently and some strange wreckage and a possible exposed burial niche. A lot to see in this area near the Mars Doorway. This area is a treasure-trove rammed with goodies :)

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

Platform - SOL 3483

Plant - SOL 2471

Head in Helm - SOL 3478

Wreckage - SOL 3478

Mars Doorway - SOL 3466 

2 Plants Found on MARS - Near Doorway Entrance ! ArtAlienTV 

Found near the recent “Mars Doorway” could these actually be living Martian plants or are they twisted rebar from eroded reinforced concrete as I have shown before in this amazing area of Gale Crater ? The larger one has curled leaf structures ! Around 2 to 4 inches tall.

I predicted there would be more in the area years ago. Guess I may have been right :) More on the doorway next video.

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

Plants - Sol 3474

Mars Doorway Entrance - Sol 3466

Cactus - Sol 1092 

MARS Plants Confirmed. NASA Leaks Disclosure ! ArtAlienTV 

Statements from NASA confirm the plant as a mineralized fossil ! This is DISCLOSURE disguised as a denial ! "This is it" but with a dose of dodgy media spin and the usual strategic vagueness !

I also show multiple living plants and water on the Mars surface ! Loads of evidence here.

NASA are calling these "diagenetic crystal clusters". So they basically just admitted that this is mineralized genetic material while telling the public that this is just a crystalline structure. Talk about double speak ! This is a leak, so to speak !

You have to decode their messages and read between the lines as usual.

Definition here - 

Diagenesis - an overview |

A term derived from Swedish meaning dredging, mud, slush, or silt. In geomorphology this term is used to refer to sediment composed of (partially) decomposed plant and animal remains and fine nonorganic sediment deposited in standing water. Indurated. To make hard or harden.

Plant Image link - 


Published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - March 1st  2022. 

Living PLANT Found on MARS - Asparagus Cacti - ArtAlienTV 2020 

A living plant on Mars drinking from a patch of wet sand. Exposed roots going directly into it. Frost forms on these rocks then melts onto the sand during the day. This narrow "Asparagus Cacti" as I have named it is perfectly placed to exploit these helpful sloping geological rock features that feed it water much like a desert dew trap would on Earth. Finally visual proof of long held theories from myself going back many years. If only we had actual true colour images and no orange filter on these Curiosity Rover images. It cancels out the green colour from the data. These images are not RGB, they are RGBO. (Red, green, blue, orange) This turns all the greens to brown. (Known by many Mars researchers as the "puke filter") It also masks the blue sky colour. Bare that in mind before saying this plant should be green. It probably is but we can't see it due to the orange filter. #mars #life #plant

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on 19th May 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 20th May 2020. 


MARS Desert Plants & Structures - Seasonal Vegetation. ArtAlienTV 

Are these plants / bushes on Mars in the Angustus Labyrinthus region? The possible bushes appear in the summer and are gone in the winter. Are they growing in between artificial structures that resemble a massive salt farm? Even if these are natural the structures may be collecting water enough to support plants that are congregating in the lower parts. There is absolutely no reason why these should not be evidence of organic life on the surface of Mars. Especially when it is in the south polar melt zone.

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on July 25th 2016 and originally published on YouTube July 2016.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU

NASA image links: 

MARS Giant Vine Plants - CANALS on MARS (Part 2) ArtAlienTV 

Part 2 - Huge vine branches and plant structures near the amazing canals, roads and buildings by Jezero Crater on planet Mars. Multiple square building structures in and above the ground. Irrigation channels for farming and water management as well as ruined houses. 

Part 1 Here 👉

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here 👉 

New Closer Pan 👉

This was first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV - 2nd Oct 2020 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Oct 3rd 2020.

MARS - The Priestess and the Plant - ArtAlienTV 2020 

A stunning Mars statue of a woman resembling a Priestess. Also a plant fossil and a bunch of other statues and architecture fragments in this area. #Mars #Life #Structures


First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on  14th June 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 17th June 2020. 

MARS Plants Cause Methane Spikes ? ArtAlienTV 

Are these possible Giant Gourds on Mars causing the annual methane spikes ? Also some crazy spaghetti dunes that may have plant growth under or inside them and a look at some other so called dunes that look like giant city buildings in huge rows.

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here 👉 

Veg 👉

Veg 👉

Spaghetti Dunes 👉

City Dunes 👉 

These were first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV - Nov 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Nov 18th 2020.

The City Dunes were I found in 2017 👉 

MARS Plants and Protein Food - Christmas Feast - ArtAlienTV 

What would you pick for your Mars Christmas feast ? Here are my choices. Giant veg plants and animal remains for dinner. Lol.

Also what about a tree with decorations and some presents ?

Merry Christmas all 😊

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here 👉 

Tree 👉

Veg 👉 

MARS Giant Spider Plants and Alien Alcohol - ArtAlienTV 

Are the giant spiders on Mars really plants? Are they and the giant fruit gourds I found recently creating alcohol that outgasses carbon and methane as a by product causing the gas spikes in the Martian atmosphere? Loads to see and contemplate here. What a gas !

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here 👉 

Spiders  👉

Veg  👉

Giant Crab  👉 

These giant fruit / gourds were first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV - Nov 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Nov 18th 2020.

See Here - 

MARS Giant Veg Plants ? Oh My Gourd ! ArtAlienTV 

Are these giant red vegetables, pumpkin shaped gourds, fruit or fungi on Mars ? They have veins on them with roots going into the ground. Some even have vine roots joining them in lines. These are absolutely huge. From about 70 to over 200 metres in size.

The larger three on the cover image are over 130 metres each in size.

They are big enough to live in and potentially have a large supply of fresh drinking water and food in each. Pumpkin pie anyone ?  I have named these Jofruit !

Large underground lakes have recently been confirmed on Mars near this area so these may have sent roots down through the permafrost to drink. NASA calls these dunes. 

Gigapans of this area here 👉

RGB Colour 👉


MRGB Sand Covered 👉

These were first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV - Nov 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Nov 18th 2020. 

MARS ROLLING ROCKS - Liquid Water / Higher Air Pressure ? ArtAlienTV 

Rolling rocks of Mars, and how they move. On Earth they are pushed by ice moving over shallow water so I would expect the same on Mars for some of them at least. Does this prove that the atmospheric pressure on Mars is much higher than we are told?

For wind to move the ice that pushes the rocks, there would need to be different air pressure conditions for the now supposedly ineffective wind to move these rocks. It simply does not add up. Liquid water is needed for this process to work.

It is obvious with only a cursory look at the evidence for liquid water on Mars that it must be present, especially in the melt zones, nearer the polar regions especially in the warmer parts of the year. 

Many of the images show water vapour in the air, and Gale Crater was chosen for it's geothermal properties.

Wet sand has been also spotted by many other researchers in Gale Crater where the Curiosity presides. 

Ice condenses on the rocks in the cold nights only to be melted as the day warms up. This leaves patches of wet sand in many areas.

I and many other researchers have also found small plants that look like lichen and moss on some rocks. Even small cacti. 

Perhaps this is why the images are either in black and white or have had red added to hide this green organic matter from the public.

On Earth microbes live in water in all its states, even frozen. I would expect it to be similar on Mars.

First published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV - 2nd February 2015.

Image Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

Image links: 

PLANT FOUND on MARS - Fungi, Cacti or Coral ? ArtAlienTV (Rm) 

New remastered images. Found in June 2014. What looks like a plant on Mars in Gale Crater. In this set of Curiosity Rover images there are two shots of the possible plant in quite good detail. It has five limbs and is only a few inches tall with leaf shaped parts which are lined up asymmetrically just like a plant. 

It could be a cacti or even coral remains. It may even be a crab or insect (arthropod) like creature basking on a rock.

Either way the new clips I have taken are clearer and there is more detail to be seen than when I first showed this on my channel way back in 2014.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉

Gigapan Credit to Todd 👉 

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on 14th June 2014 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 15th June 2014.

This is a remake with remastered images. 

Original video here -

Mars Tree Stump ? Martian Wood, Water & Plants. ArtAlienTV 

Is this an ancient tree stump on Mars ? In this Curiosity Rover image there is what seems to be the remains of a petrified tree stump that may well in fact just be a rock but there are some other good examples of wood in the area. 

I also go over some of the other possible plants like fungi, large patches of organics and water that can be seen on other parts of the Martian surface as well as on the actual rover. 

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉

NASA image link:

Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 1647

Mars Cocoon Structures - Vine Plants at Mawrth Vallis - ArtAlienTV 

Some strange overlapping vine plant structures on Mars. They look like dunes at a distance but as I have previously shown, not all these dunes are just dunes. Also some interesting thermal vent structures and possible building ruins at Mawrth Vallis. Amazing colours and details. Full HD version here 👉

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here 👉 

Cocoon 1 👉

Cocoon 2 👉

Colorful 👉

Vine Plants 👉 

Mars Waterfalls or Avalanches ? ArtAlienTV 

Are these waterfalls or avalanches on Mars? They may be a mixture of both of course. Either way they are very interesting images to study and all the links to these NASA MRO images are below in the description as always.

See more here -

See me on the new Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel 2016. Episodes 1 & 2 - "Pyramids of Antarctica" & "Destination Mars"

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in 2015 and originally publishe by ArtAlienTV - 2015.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

NASA image links: 

Martian Mushroom Plants ? Is The Rover Terra-forming MARS ? ArtAlienTV 

Some strange looking mushroom/fungi like structures on Mars in Gale Crater. Some of these are ventifacts, some are extremely narrow and look very delicate. Some look like bones or even wreckage that was thrown into the mud during the tsunami/cataclysm and dried hard only later to be exposed by erosion. 

There is also an octopus shaped structure next to the possible mushroom. It looks clearer in the cover image. All from Curiosity Rover image set - Sol 1282

See me on the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel 2016. Episodes 1 & 2 - "Pyramids of Antarctica" & "Destination Mars"

ArtAlienTV - Mars Magazine

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on December 2nd 2016 and originally published on YouTube  by ArtAlienTV - December 10th 2016.

Additional finds and images images by Eric Ellison were first posted on Mars Moon Photo Zoom Club on October 28th 2016. Many thanks to him. 

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉


What looks like another shipwreck near some standing water and buildings on Mars in Gale Crater from these Curiosity Rover images taken on Sol 1074. The possible shipwreck is over 300 feet long. The water may be blue sand but has reflections with ripples so looks like water but I could be wrong. 

There is what looks like a bunker building with possible windows. There is even what looks like a potential sphinx head, ramp with steps and other possible intelligent structures nearby all along the bottom of Mt Sharp. 

This mountain was obviously a major complex in the past with all manner of buildings and structures with a dock side and military naval base with possible ancient alien structures from an earlier epoch like you would see in Egypt along the River Nile.

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on August 21st 2015 and first published on YouTube August 27th 2015.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉 

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS