MARS Boats & Ships 

Mars was a water planet. There are many boat and shipwrecks to see.

A now huge collection of over 40 wrecked boats and ships on Mars. All near Mount Sharp in Gale Crater. See for yourself. 

One of them even has a clear number plate/name plate on the bow end. 

Some are very large, over 300 feet long. But others are less than 30 feet. 

Perhaps a lot of these were deposited here when there was a cataclysm or "Mars Explosion 1941" that caused the water to evaporate. 

Follow links for more on that. All these can be referenced to the official NASA images and checked. 

See video descriptions or my  Gigapan site  for image links.

MARS SHIP CONFIRMED from SPACE (Part 3) New Images - ArtAlienTV

New measurements confirm this 53 foot Mars boat with a number plate. Not a ship as I stated before in earlier videos. To be a ship it would have to be over 65 feet long. The large blue rock at the bow (front) of this boat can be seen both in the satellite MRO images and in the rover images from Sol 37. Confirming it's identification. Case solved. 

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NASA image links -

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in July 26th 2014 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - July 26th 2014

Original video here - 

MARS RIVER BOAT with NUMBER PLATE (Full Version) ArtAlienTV 

(Full Version) " A boat on Mars in a dried up river bed just below Mount Sharp not far from the "Mars Traffic Light" and "Mars cannon gun". It has a clear number plate that says 29.S on the front and shows signs of damage but is in remarkable condition which is further very compelling evidence for recent activity on Mars in Gale Crater. Also some possible "UFO  saucer" type wreckage on the mountain side here.

Mind boggling stuff.

The number plate says 29.S but this may mean something very different on Mars as we don't yet understand their writing symbols.

The boat itself is over 80 feet long and is very similar to a small cabin cruiser and may have an inboard engine as there is no outboard motor visible on the back.

This anomaly appears in dozens of pictures taken on many different days and years. The number shows in all 20 or more of them.

The numbers are in 3d ie they have shadows so are sticking out from the number plate appearing to read 29.S ".

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First found and published on YouTube on July 26th 2014 by ArtAlienTV 

Mars Propeller Found - Ship Confirmed by NASA Rover - ArtAlienTV 

The propeller anomaly recently spotted by fellow Mars researcher Lányi Gábor‎. A very interesting find indeed. More possible confirmation of my theory that there was once a port in this area of Gale Crater before the cataclysm that flattened most of the taller upstanding buildings and wrecked the ships and aircraft that were in the harbour just before the atmosphere was destroyed. Then the water in this huge lake evaporated leaving this wreckage behind only for us researchers to spot thousands of years later.

Also a new angle of one of the ship wrecks on Mars in Gale Crater. I first showed this ship shaped structure back in 2015 and we now have conformation from a new angle at a relatively close view range. See the video links for over 30 more Martian ships and boats.

From Curiosity Rover image set 1889.

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Mars Marina - Multiple Shipwrecks on Planet Mars - ArtAlienTV 

Mars Marina (Parts 1 & 2) What looks like a marina full of wrecked ships and boats on Mars. One on a ridge upturned, one or more in the foreground near some pipes or crane like structures and a very large ship in the background that is 100's of feet long and partially buried that looks like a large cruiser. Also some ramp like structures and buildings in the distance. 

One looks very space age and has a smaller boat or structure in front of it. One looks like it has camouflage netting over it and an outboard motor. 

Also some possible collapsed lava tubes and multiple half buried boat like structures including what looks like a submarine with a dome like cabin. In the background there is a whole row of boats near some large dome structures and a slipway. 

I have uncovered well over 30 boat and shipwrecks along this lake bed at Mount Sharp that can be seen on my channel. They can all be easily referenced with the official NASA source images, Mars Gigapan and even the MRO HiRISE images from Mars orbit. 

Anyone who says otherwise hasn't actually looked properly, so ignore them.

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Huge Ships and Structures on MARS - Marina Gigapan - ArtAlienTV

Huge ships and structures on Mars in this dockside or marina. New gigapan images. 

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First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV 12th Sept 2015 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - October 2015

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Shipwreck & Car Found on MARS - Near Forbidden City - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like another wrecked ship on Mars in Gale Crater. It has a spine like structure and looks metallic. It is approximately 400 feet long. In this Curiosity Rover image there is also what appears to be a car, or car shaped structure below what I coined some years ago the forbidden city at Mt Sharp. (Aeolis Mons) Sol 1286

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SOL 1286

SOL 1074

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on 12th Jan 2019 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 18th March 2019. 


Is this another boat or shipwreck on Mars in Gale Crater? It seems to have a wrecked cabin with windows but the possible hull is largely intact. It may be two boats next to each other as there seems to be something behind it. Could that be a building or another vessel? The cabin looks to have been hit by something probably during the cataclysm that may have been as recent as 1941 according to famous astronomer Clyde Tombaugh.

See my Mars Explosion 1941 video for more on that.

This Curiosity Rover image is from Sol 323 and was taken in 2012 at the bottom of Mount Sharp in the now infamous dried lake bed. There are many intelligent looking structures nearby also. There are dozens of similar Mars  boats and ships on my channel. This is one of a possible 30 or more found so far.

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

NASA image links: 

HOVERCRAFT / SHIP Found on MARS Lake Bed - ArtAlienTV 

What resembles a Hovercraft or ship on Mars. Perched at a dock area in the dried out lake bed of Gale Crater.

Images were taken by NASA's Curiosity Rover. The only active rover still on Mars apparently? Lol.

This hovercraft is just below the forbidden city at Mt Sharp (Aeolis Mons) and is one of many similar structures I have published on YouTube over the years. 

#Mars #Hovercraft #Structures

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