Atlantis Candidates

A very large 1km pyramid structure complex in Antarctica in the Shackleton Mountain Range. (As I presented on Ancient Aliens)

Atlantis candidates and ancient cartographic evidence from around the world including:

1. Atlantis or at least some of it was located at the now largely sunken Azores Island chain right in the middle of the

Atlantic ocean exactly as the Plato directions suggested in antiquity . (My Atlantis Azores video dated 2013)

2. The amazing Peri Reis Map and possible explanations for how it came to be so far ahead of time showing apparently

unknown information and details of both Antarctica and South America.

3. The mystery Island of Hy-Brasil to the west of Ireland that has now disappeared.

4. Pre Columbian discovery of America and the Chinese mapping of the globe in 1421.

Mapping of America, Australia, Antarctica and much more, with ancient stone anchors over 3000 years off the coast of California.

Ancient history is way more complex and nuanced than we are led to believe !

Later higher res 2016 version of my Pyramid Complex discovery in Antarctica.

Original 2013 version of my Pyramid Complex discovery in Antarctica.

2016 interview of my Pyramid Complex discovery in Antarctica and more.

Article clips from my previous website "" Atlantis candidates page.

It wrote this in 2007 and is still very relevant even now.

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