Atlantis Candidates

A very large 1km pyramid structure complex in Antarctica in the Shackleton Mountain Range. (As I presented on Ancient Aliens)

Atlantis candidates and ancient cartographic evidence from around the world including:

1. Atlantis or at least some of it was located at the now largely sunken Azores Island chain right in the middle of the 

Atlantic ocean exactly as the Plato directions suggested in antiquity . (My Atlantis Azores video dated 2013)

2. The amazing Peri Reis Map and possible explanations for how it came to be so far ahead of time showing apparently 

unknown information and details of both Antarctica and South America.

3. The mystery Island of Hy-Brasil to the west of Ireland that has now disappeared.

4. Pre Columbian discovery of America and the Chinese mapping of the globe in 1421. 

Mapping of America, Australia, Antarctica and much more, with ancient stone anchors over 3000 years off the coast of California.

Ancient history is way more complex and nuanced than we are led to believe !

ANTARCTIC CITY Structures Found under Ice ! Atlantis or Alien (Part 2) ArtAlienTV (4K) 

New Antarctic city structures found near my Pyramid Complex find at the Read Mountains ! Rectangular and square buildings can be seen here. This is literally the tip of the iceberg ! New 4K images show multiple ruins under the ice.

Who ever built this in the Read Mountain range must have been very advanced to cope with the extreme conditions. It may well have been constructed when this area was free of ice thousands or even millions of years ago. My guess is that it was built by an ancient culture like Atlantis. It was not made by mother nature as the new details clearly show. 

If this is man made then it may predate any known structure found on Earth so far, calling into serious doubt what we are told about our human origins even more than ancient enigmas like the Pumapunku site in Bolivia or the massive Baalbek megaliths at Heliopolis in Lebanon. 

2016 version of my Pyramid Complex discovery in Antarctica.


Was Antarctica once inhabited thousands of years ago? It was once unfrozen in part and seems to have a 2 km square, perfectly aligned possible pyramid or similar structure there near Shackleton Range that I discovered in 2013. 

Some parts may even be free of ice even now due to geo-thermal hot spots. 

These areas have vegetation and fresh water lakes. 

Are these green areas the reason for blanked out parts of the continent on Google Earth? Are satellite images of our planet from space edited to hide this? 

It may have also been further north and warmer. It has it's own separate tectonic plate and could have shifted further south quite violently during the global cataclysm.

For the pyramid network theory to be serious there must have been at least one large one on the Antarctic continent to pass the energy around the globe efficiently. 

Also some sunken city structures between the Azores and Canaries with a submerged pyramid supposedly between Sao Miguel and Terceira islands. 

Could there be a much larger pyramid in that part of the Atlantic ocean?

The Azores would once have been larger than the UK when the water levels were lower in the past. 

The Azores may turn out to be one of the main islands of Atlantis and possibly the capital of this lost civilization that probably stretched the globe before the great meltdown around 9600 BC.

Ancient Chinese maps show large islands in the Atlantic that are now submerged. These maps were probably copied in part from much older Atlantean maps that may have fell into the hands of pirates, traders and cartographers across the globe.

These amazing maps show the Antarctic continent unfrozen. 

A true mystery" - Joe White - ArtAlienTV

2016 interview of my Pyramid Complex discovery in Antarctica and more.

Original 2013 version of my Pyramid Complex discovery in Antarctica.

Atlantis Azores: New Pyramid & City Discovered Underwater: 

Antarctic Alignments. ArtAlienTV (2013)

New underwater pyramid discovered in the Azores. Also the recently discovered huge sunken city between the Azores and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and how it lines up precisely with the new very large Antarctic structure discovered on Google earth by ArtAlienTV on March 6th 2013.

This evidence suggests that Atlantis was a real civilization and was probably responsible for building all 3 of these massive structures before the water levels rose and hid these magnificent buildings, until now. 

The fact that they line up so exactly hints at a grand design by some ancient Atlantean architect.

The new Azores pyramid is 8000 square metres in size. The sunken city just southeast of it is 104 x 75 miles in size. Truly a massive city.

The Antarctic pyramid or castle structure that lines up with the sunken city is partially obscured by ice and cloud is at high altitude but the straight 2km long sides can be seen with right angled corners. It shows signs of possible earthquake damage.

All these buildings must have been built a very long time ago when the water levels were much lower and there was no ice on that part of the Antarctic continent.

The co-ordinates for all these structures are in the video and can be easily found on Google Earth. 

Article clips from my previous website "" Atlantis candidates page.

It wrote this in 2007 and is still very relevant even now.

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