MARS Buildings

There are many ruined cities, buildings and structures on Mars. Most are buried but many are clearly visible both from 

satellite data and in the rover images. Walled compounds seem to have been the norm in some areas. 

The 30 ft high walls surrounding them were obviously built to keep someone or something out, and perhaps retain water in reservoirs. 

The Martians also used concrete that was reinforced with metal bars or mesh. This can be seen in many of the ruins of 

Gale Crater near the base of Mt Sharp, especially recently.

Adding contrast to these images will reveal buried details through the sand, especially from orbit. 

This is digital exo-archaeology !

See video descriptions or my  Gigapan site  for image links.

MARS Forbidden City. Pyramids, Domes. Multi Views. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

The Mars Forbidden City at Aeolis Mons (Mt Sharp) in glorious 4K. Multiple Curiosity views and new close-ups in enhanced colour and negative to show the finer details of these incredible Pyramids/Ziggurats, Domes, Towers and Hangers. Many are ruins but many are in remarkable shape ! 

ZOOM Gigapans here:

MSL SOL 1115 - PIA19929 C - Mars Forbidden City


MSL SOL 1286 (EN) Boat by Forbidden City

MSL SOL 959 (RAW) Mars Forbidden City and Gargoyles

MARS City Exposed. Going Underground. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars MRO Satellite images show the suburbs of the Forbidden City in Gale Crater. These intelligent structures can be seen going right into the ground on multi levels. Astonishing details ! #mars #city #underground #NASA

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(HC4) Mars Forbidden City Suburbs

(HC3) Mars Forbidden City

(HC1) Mars Forbidden City

Curiosity Rover's Location: Interactive Map

MARS Doorway Entrance Found - What's Inside ? ArtAlienTV 

Mars images show a perfect doorway entrance with something inside ! The best example of a Mars Door so far I would say. Hard to deny this one. Credit to fellow researcher/YouTuber Jean Ward for this find. Awesome ! 

It closely resembles some of the tomb entrances at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Height around 2 to 3 feet. Possibly a tomb entrance. This entrance is around 50 metres from the row of square burial chambers and ruined rooms I showed in recent videos.

The mainstream press are largely issuing denials on this already. Claiming it is just a crack in the rock. LOL. Since when do cracks have perfect symmetry and smooth render on the inside with a nicely curved lintel above. There even seems to be a ramp next to it for a rolling stone door like the one in the video.

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MARS Bunker House Found. Alien Structure ! ArtAlienTV (4K) 

An amazing 100 ft tall Mars house structure cut into the mountain side of Aeolis Mons. It's miles from the rover that has zoomed in with it’s Chemistry Camera. Notice the entrance lower right, the rectilinear symmetry left to right with a straight row of square block parts in the upper centre. It also has a chimney/vent structure on top ! Subscribers - select "ALL" on the subscribe bell to get notifications. May not work otherwise :) 

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MARS City Found - Roads and Structures - ArtAlienTV (Part 1) 

A 4km wide city on Mars with clear raised roads and structures all over and around. This is an incredible recent find from Greg Orme. NASA calls these "Well-Preserved Polygons" but you can see many rectangular structures in the walled compound areas of the city as well as small bridges and many T junctions. The best and clearest example ever seen of a Martian City ! So far !

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Enhanced 👉

Raw 👉

Negative 👉 

City Structure found on MARS - 3.5 km Compound - ArtAlienTV 

Mars Satellite Image shows a huge 3.5 km rectangular citadel/compound in this HiRISE image taken from orbit. This is so blatantly an artificial structure with internal ones inside. It also would have had a moat around it. Insane details here !

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:


These were first found by top researcher Greg Orme. 2016 Paper here -

Published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - April 10th 2022. 

Top Mars Buildings & Ancient Alien Ruins - Playlist

Martian architecture, pyramids, domes and buildings. Ancient ruins on the surface of Mars as shown in official NASA images. You can even see doorways and windows on some of these.

All images can be checked and referenced by following the links under each video. According to NASA these are all genuine Mars images. They won't admit these anomalies but won't directly deny them either ! 

MARS Architecture - Structures & Ruins  - Playlist

Conclusive evidence for life on Mars. Cities, Architecture, Buildings, Ruins, Construction, Concrete, Masonry, Houses, Domes, Pyramids, Ziggurats, Obelisks, Cave Dwellings, Steps, Bunkers, Towers, Monoliths, Walls, Fortifications, Hangers, Dolmens, Tombs, Gravestones, Cut Blocks, Pipes and Plumbing.

All images linked to under each video. If links don't work, feel free to ask. 

Pyramid Bunker Complex Found on MARS - ArtAlienTV 

Huge Mars pyramid and bunker structures with entrances here at Dichotomy Boundary in the northern hemisphere. Some of them are 1 km in size. Astonishing features above and below ground level. Many of these wannabe craters are square or hexagonal with internal structures and ramps going into the ground.

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ArtAlienTV-Gigamacro Main Page HERE 👉 

MARS Long Building with Rooms - Architectural Sculptures - ArtAlienTV 

An amazing row of exposed rooms on Mars in this 225 megapixel image and a ramp like, perfect rectangular concrete structure as well as some crazy sculptures. One shaped as a car and another large angular protohuman or ape head.  Even an Alien Grey and a Bes like gargoyle. Weird yet fascinating finds from Mars. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MSL SOL 1454 👉

MSL SOL 3208 👉 

2 Houses found on MARS - Ruined Bunker Structures - ArtAlienTV 

Two ruined house room structures on Mars. Also some figurines and a statue. These may be military bunker emplacements.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉

Mars Car Here 👉 

MARS Pyramid Buildings Found: Ruins and Remains - ArtAlienTV 

Some large Mars pyramid/ziggurat structures in Gale crater as well as some interesting remains in Jezero Crater from the Perseverance rover latest pics. A possible big marine lizard fossil with a row of 10 sharp teeth in good detail. Could it be some other creature - yes. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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Curiosity Rover Climbing Mont Mercou 👉 

Mars Shelter, Boat or Bunker Structure Near Curiosity Rover - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a shelter, wrecked boat or bunker building on Mars in Gale Crater. Up close and in some good detail despite NASA's attempt to fudge the image.

From Curiosity Rover image set 1355.

Credit to subscriber Tom Pendlebury for sending in this great find.

SuperZoom Gigapan Here 👉 

MARS Village by Square Building Complex - Jezero Crater - ArtAlienTV 

A perfect 200 metre square building complex on Mars near a walled village with multiple square and rectangular structures buried in sand. West rim of Jezero Crater.

The complex is 500 metres from the village that is around 800 metres long. The village has a large crater as if attacked from above. Amazing details here.

The complex structures are much larger than the village houses. That says to me that the occupants of the village were of the smaller Martian culture as I have shown remains of in countless videos.

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Mars Fortified House, Towers & Buildings: City Ruins. ArtAlienTV 

Multiple ruined building structures on Mars at Mt Sharp in Gale Crater. Looking like a scene from Game of Thrones we have possible ruined towers, ziggurats and pyramid shaped structures that look like they were hit by a nuclear blast only leaving the more robust buildings behind.

Curiosity Rover image set 1419 is packed with these and I am sure that some at least are not natural as they are square and rectangular in shape.

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Giant Dome Found on MARS has WINDOWS - Monolithic Bunker Structure - ArtAlienTV 

A giant dome with huge rectangular windows on Mars at Mount Sharp. At about a thousand feet wide at the base the huge windows can clearly be seen in the raw image. No doubt!

Another stunning Curiosity Rover image taken right back at Sol 45 in the early stages of the mission to study the geology of this fascinating region deep in Gale Crater. #Mars #Dome #Structures

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 (As seen on Ancient Aliens) 

A massive hanger or bunker building on Mars with a gigantic entrance showing. Also what looks like a large pyramid building structure above what resembles a huge natural fortress city at Mount Sharp. (Aeolis Mons)

There are multiple buildings here, but only the really large ones show in any detail from such a long distance away.

It overlooks the now dried up harbour at the base of the mountain. 

I have been calling this area a military/naval base now for over 2 years and have made many video documentaries on the area. Perhaps people will finally take note of my theory. I estimate the bunker to be around 1000 feet wide, possibly a lot bigger. The pyramid looking structure is around 500 - 700 feet tall approximately. 

The larger image here also shows what looks very much like lake water in the foreground. It could it be heated by geothermal activity as the Satellite thermal images of the Gale Crater area suggest.

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Cave Dwellings on MARS - Intelligent Structures & Domes - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like hundreds of cave dwellings on Mars. Also a 300 ft Dome and a similar sized Ziggurat on Mt Sharp. There are bunker like structures and I take another look at the Mars Sewer outlet/storm drain that I published a while back.

These are mainly Chemcam Curiosity Rover images that are clear and not downgraded like many we get. So what you see here is what is actually there on the Mountain. No JPEG artefacts here.


MARS Masonry - Concrete and Cut Stone - Playlist

A large collection of concrete structures and cut stone blocks on Mars. Also fitted stonework in both Curiosity and Perseverance images. Many of these structures have exposed rebar showing in grid patterns or rods protruding as the concrete eroded away. Cut stone blocks are all over the place. Shattered architectural fragments. 

Also statuary is to be seen attached to many ruined and buried structures. 

Sewer Outlet on Mars Mountain - Forbidden City - ArtAlienTV 

Are these outflow sewer pipes on Mars in Gale Crater?  Or a storm drain overflow? There is extensive erosion just below the three outlets and the Forbidden City on Mount Sharp (Aeolis Mons) is just above them. See for yourself.

Curiosity Rover images from many Sols and angles confirm outflow erosion detail. This adds yet more credence to the city ruins and intelligent structures being just that. Water would have gushed down the mountain side in a storm and these outflow pipes could have drained excess water into the lake below.

Published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - January 20th 2018. First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV December 2017. 

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NASA image links: 

Pointed Dome on MARS - Parts 1 & 2 - Huge Structures - ArtAlienTV (R) 

A close look at the incredible Mars pointed dome structure on Mount Sharp in Gale Crater. It is well over 500 feet tall with smaller cube shaped structures joined on the left. There is also what looks like another buried sphinx in the crater below this enigmatic mountain ridge with pyramids, other huge domes and buildings all within visual range of the rover.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in 2017 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 16th March 2018.


Part 1 -

Part 2 - 


(Narrated Version) " Clear and very large city buildings on Mars. Domes, ziggurats, pyramids, ruined towers and many other fascinating structures including a possible bridge support column in Gale Crater and on the side of Aeolis Mons/Mount Sharp. 

With so many images of these city structures it's hard to deny that many of these look intelligently designed but in ruins and eroded over the centuries.

Some of these buildings are possibly up to 600 feet tall and can be seen from many miles away both in the Mastcam and Chemcam images from the Curiosity Rover taken over almost 4 years in this amazing area on the planet Mars. 

The white pillar in the Chemcam image is very clear indeed and is not a natural structure "

Gigapan Image credits - Neville Thompson