MARS Bugs & Crabs

Mars Giant Crabs, Flying Insects, Beetles, Ants and other members of the Arthropod and Crustacean family. 

Some on the ground and some in the air. The giant ant has moved. 

Termite mounds and strange bugs preserved in the very dry and cold atmosphere.

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MARS Afro Statue and Strange Insect - ArtAlienTV 

An amazing human statue on Mars with an Afro hairstyle. Also a strange winged insect and other interesting finds in both Perseverance and Curiosity images. A lot to see here. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MSL SOL 1501 👉

PERCY SOL 184 👉 

MARS Crabs & Bugs - Arthropods - Playlist

Insect Nest found on MARS - Termite Mounds - ArtAlienTV 

A possible insect nest or hive on Mars. Also some possible termite mounds and even a flying insect and a large ant or termite near the rover Curiosity.

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HUGE CRAB found on MARS - 2 Feet Tall ? ArtAlienTV 2020 

A giant Crab like creature on Mars. Up to 2 feet tall as it is half buried in sand. Just look at the jointed leg details. It seems to have been feeding on a small animal when it was blast frozen in the cataclysm. Jaw dropping details in this amazing image from the Curiosity Rover. This thing has 3 legs on the near side making at least 6. Probably 8 or 10 as some are probably hidden in the dirt. This is an arthropod of some sort.

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INSECT on MARS has MOVED - Termite Mounds ? ArtAlienTV 

The large insect that I found on Mars recently has moved. This means it is a possible living creature and not a fossil or rock. In an image taken 73 days later it has disappeared from the rocky outcrop that it was on in the earlier image.

Curiosity Rover images like this suggest there might be life on Mars right now and not just an underground lake in the south polar region.

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Giant Insect Found on MARS - Anomalies Galore - ArtAlienTV 

I have discovered what looks very much like a large insect on Mars. It resembles a rock bug of some sort with clear ant or mantid like head features including mandibles. It may look like a rock but so do countless camouflaged insect species on Earth. Many of which are yet to even be catalogued. 

It is impossible to tell whether this is a living insect or some kind of fossil. Either way I feel it deserves further investigation by the Curiosity rover. Perhaps it could take some close up photos with the science cameras from different angles.

The rover has been known to backtrack on occasions in the past five years. The current the dust storm will hopefully settle over the next week or so and we will get clearer images again.

I also go through multiple other anomalies including statues, mummies, shoes, boots, primates and humanoid remains lying around in Gale Crater.

Sol numbers are on the montage meme images near the end of the video as are the image credits. These are all Curiosity Rover images. Feel free to ask for any links.

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Gold Beetle INSECT Found on MARS - Multi Statues. Evidence For Life (Part 2) ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a shiny gold beetle with legs on Mars in Gale Crater. Also in this set of Curiosity Rover images there are 2 more possible statues and other remains. I take another look at the row of statues from part one of this series and show how I achieve the results when enhancing the brightness in the images to show more details.

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A look at the recent Mars space crab creature story in the press with some of my Mars crab like finds from the last few years for comparison. Was I right all along about there being crustaceans living on the Mars surface at least in the past? It's starting to look that way. There are 5 possible specimens here including one I found only 2 days ago. The rest (apart from the news story) were found by myself from March/April 2013 - 2014 and 2015.

See my playlist just below for more Mars Arthropods and other Mars marine fossils "

Mars Marine Creatures / Fossils - ArtAlienTV 

UFO Seen on Mars - Bird, Insect or Drone ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a bird or UFO on Mars in Gale Crater. It is probably quite small and close to the rover but it is hard to tell. It may be some wind blown debris of some sort but seems to have symmetry and an almost insect like appearance. Rocks don't fly and there are not supposed to be leaves flying around on Mars either!

Update: This anomaly is very close to the rover left Hazard camera as it would also appear in the right one if it was farther away. So this is really small. 

The low resolution camera would not pick up fine detail like tiny legs or wings. Could the three sections be a head, thorax and abdomen? The blocky almost mechanical appearance may be due to pixelation. The object is probably more rounded in reality.

From Curiosity Rover image set - Sol 1940.

NASA image link: 

Mars UFO or INSECT ? Helicopter Drone Follows Rover ? ArtAlienTV (R) 

Is this a helicopter shaped UFO on Mars? It is very similar in shape but seems quite small like a drone perhaps. Could it be an insect or piece of flying debris? Is it spying on the Curiosity as it looks over the ridge behind in this amazing rear hazard avoidance camera image fro the Mars Science Laboratory? 

Check out the comparisons to some of our terrestrial helicopters from Earth in this video and you will see striking similarities in both the body and tail shape with a possible outline of the frontal landing gear. 

This was sent in by eagle eyed Andrea Galindo and when I viewed it I was quite gobsmacked when I saw the shape of the UFO.

Is this evidence that we already have an established military presence on Mars or is this a truly alien or Martian aircraft? We may never know "

NASA image link: