MARS Construction

A large collection of concrete structures and cut stone blocks on Mars.  Also fitted stonework in both Curiosity and Perseverance images. 

Many of these structures have exposed rebar showing in grid patterns or rods protruding as the concrete eroded away. 

Cut stone blocks are all over the place. Shattered architectural fragments. 

Also statuary is to be seen attached to many ruined and buried structures. 

MARS - Smashed up Wall Structure. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars rover image shows a smashed up wall and some very angular box sections of what appears to be concrete as well as some other very weird eroded metal artefacts. One has a crazy arm with a hand on the left of it with a pointing index finger ? Beams, Spikes, Rebar and hollow wannabe rocks all over ! Fill your boots !

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MSL SOL 3462 MR (EN 2C) 

MARS Masonry - Concrete and Cut Stone - Playlist

MARS - Wall of Spikes ! Detailed Structure. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

A wall of spikes in this amazing detailed image from the Curiosity rover. Also a large bolt and other crazy stuff. Check it out !

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SOL 3798 - Wall of Spikes

Mars Mesh - MSL SOL 3112

Mars Spikes Close Up - MSL SOL 3793

Mars Spikes - MSL SOL 3786

The Mars Spikes ! What Are They ? ArtAlienTV (4K) 

What are these Mars Spikes ? Are they yet more evidence of rebar/reinforced concrete as I have shown many times before ? And why do NASA say nothing about all the other amazing finds and ignore them ? The Spikes are 1 to 3 inches long.

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MARS Column Structure. Green Block. ArtAlienTV (4K R) 

A strange stone column on Mars with green patches of possible plant growth on it. Looks similar to the ancient angular Warrior Columns at Chichen Itza in Mexico. The green may indicate low level plant growth like moss.

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MSL SOL 3549 ML (EN)

MSL SOL 3549 ML (RAW) 

MARS Mesh - Concrete Evidence. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars image shows wire mesh in a blatant grid structure. At Mont Mercou in Gale Crater. Is this proof of reinforced concrete with a metal support mesh ? Like the recent Mars Spikes image may also show ? Both are shown here. Including the latest close up image of the Mars Spikes !

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Mars Mesh - MSL SOL 3112

Mars Spikes Close Up - MSL SOL 3793

Mars Spikes - MSL SOL 3786 

MARS Room Structures up Close ! ArtAlienTV 

Latest images from Mars show internal room structures and partition walls amongst the ruins at Mt Sharp. Chambers, strange pillars, stairs and columns can also bee seen in good close detail.

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MSL SOL 3437

MSL SOL 3403

MSL SOL 3443

MARS Irrigation: Pipes & Plumbing - Playlist

Mars pipes, canals, irrigation channels, sinks, toilets, under floor heating and entire water management systems in both Gale and Jezero Craters. Seen in satellite, rover and copter drone images. Devastating evidence of the advanced Martian culture. 

MARS Concrete Structures: Burial Site - ArtAlienTV 

Latest images from Mars Curiosity rover show clear overlapping spokes in concrete and a possible sitting burial exposed by erosion. Loads of complex material in this area of Gale crater at Mt Sharp.

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MSL SOL 3350 - Colour

MSL SOL 3350 - B & W 

MARS - Wall with Doorway - Structures, Ruins, Art - ArtAlienTV 

A ruined Mars wall with doorway. Interlocking cut masonry and skilful stonework. Carvings and a strange protohuman and other remains in Jezero Crater. These images are so clear that there is no doubt in my mind about these finds. Apart from the actual age of them. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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2 Houses found on MARS - Ruined Bunker Structures - ArtAlienTV 

Two ruined house room structures on Mars. Also some figurines and a statue. These may be military bunker emplacements.

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MARS Ramp and Pyramid Structures ! HiRISE - ArtAlienTV (4K R) 

HiRISE image shows a Mars ramp and pyramid structures in Gale Crater. The rover is parked on the ramp that points right at one and may have been a connecting bridge or pier in this dried up lake at Mt Sharp. 

The rectangular sections of the pyramids can be seen in the raw satellite images from the MRO. I also show the mesh/grid structures of the concrete material on the ground at the Mont Mercou ramp. 

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Curiosity Rover Climbing Mont Mercou 👉

Mars Mesh - MSL SOL 3112 👉

MSL SOL 3081 - Handle the Truth - Mont Mercou 👉

MSL SOL 3040 MR CC (EN) Mont Mercou 👉

MARS City Terraces, Concrete and Wreckage - ArtAlienTV 

City terraces and ramps seen at Mt Sharp on Mars. Also loads of rectangular concrete blocks and a possible boat wreck and other structures. See the Mars City from above in the satellite images from the MRO HiRISE images. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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Terraces 👉

City 👉

Wreckage 👉

Mont Mercou 👉

Structure Ruins on MARS: Near Both Rovers ! ArtAlienTV 

Mars structure ruins near both Curiosity and Perseverance rovers as well as many artefacts in between in these latest images from the surface.

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Sol 254 👉

Sol 3292 👉

Sol 529 👉 

Construction on MARS - Reinforced Concrete Structures - ArtAlienTV 

Some huge structures on Mars. Reinforced concrete and large buildings with internal framework showing. Also some up close concrete building material, some glyphs and a mummified skull all in the same gigapan of Gale Crater. Stunning Curiosity Rover images from Sol 1419.


The building frame about 200 feet tall. The animal shaped structure about 250 feet.

The reinforced concrete and glyph block both about 2 - 3 feet wide. The skull around 2 feet tall. A giant.

#Mars #Construction #Structures

✔ NASA image link: 

Pyramid & Ruins on Mars ! Own Up NASA ! ArtAlienTV 

What looks like another Pyramid on Mars in Gale Crater. Around 300 feet tall on the lower slopes of Mount Sharp (Aeolis Mons). Also a half buried long bunker shaped structure and a possible small burial dolmen. Curiosity Rover images from Sol 1355 and 1931.

See me on Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel. Episodes - "Pyramids of Antarctica" & "Destination Mars"

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in Dec 2017 and originally published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - January 25th 2018.

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

NASA image links:

Gigapan Image credits - Neville Thompson 


(As seen on Ancient Aliens) " A massive hanger or bunker building on Mars with a gigantic entrance showing. Also what looks like a large pyramid building structure above what resembles a huge natural fortress city at Mount Sharp. (Aeolis Mons)

There are multiple buildings here, but only the really large ones show in any detail from such a long distance away.

It overlooks the now dried up harbour at the base of the mountain. 

I have been calling this area a military/naval base now for over 2 years and have made many video documentaries on the area. Perhaps people will finally take note of my theory. I estimate the bunker to be around 1000 feet wide, possibly a lot bigger. The pyramid looking structure is around 500 - 700 feet tall approximately. 

The larger image here also shows what looks very much like lake water in the foreground. It could it be heated by geothermal activity as the Satellite thermal images of the Gale Crater area suggest ".

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(As seen on Ancient Aliens) 

What looks like a perfectly cut pyramid capstone block on Mars in Gale Crater in this Curiosity Rover image. It has what appears to be a small spike on the top of it. Estimated size around 2 ft tall or less. This may well be the top of a much larger structure that is buried in the sand or may be a square block at an angle. There have been many similar finds in this area recently.

How long can NASA continue to say nothing about so many clearly intelligent structures on Mars? We shall see "

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First found by Rami Bar llan and published on Facebook June 17th 2015 and first published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV - June 18th 2015. 

See Rami's very cool Facebook page here:

Steps Lead to Pyramid on Mars - Forbidden City - ArtAlienTV 

Some step structures pointing up towards the Mars Pyramids and ruined city Aeolis Mons. Could these be part of a buried building ? Perhaps a very large buried one? 

NASA have downgraded some of these Curiosity Rover images so they are hard to see but a little added contrast can push the shape out. I have shown how in a short tutorial here.

I have had my eye on this stepped mound feature for years. Waiting for the right angle to see it's shape. 

Also some different angles of the large pyramid structures from both recent and older images from the rover.

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MARS BUILDING BLOCK - Eroded Concrete & Bones ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a pyramid/triangular concrete building block on Mars in Gale Crater. Water eroded with ridges on it.

In this Curiosity Rover image there are also some possible animal bones and strange objects that look unusual. 

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(As seen on Ancient Aliens) ArtAlienTV 

(As seen on Ancient Aliens) Some pyramid shaped intelligent structures found on Mars. Tombs, stone coffins and buildings looked at in depth here on Mars in Gale Crater. Mostly from recent Curiosity Rover images with an obelisk and pyramid buildings also imaged by the HiRISE telescope from Mars orbit.

When looked at back to back it is hard to deny that there was a sophisticated megalithic culture on Mars in the past. 

The question now has to be; How long ago? And what destroyed it? Are there still some remnants of this civilization under ground as many have suggested?

See my channel playlists for much more info on this subject.

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