MARS Doorways, Entrances, Chambers, Windows & Caves 

Mars Doorways, Entrances, Chambers, Windows and Caves. The Doorway is perfectly rectangular and probably less than 20 inches tall as are some of the petrified Martian specimens. Many are more like burial caves or small chambers like you would see in a crypt. There are huge dome structures with windows and giant hanger buildings as well as exposed underground dwellings with doorways. There are even whole rows of large caves in formation.

As with many things on Mars some of these are about a third of the size of ours on Earth.

MARS Doorway Entrance Found - What's Inside ? ArtAlienTV 

Mars images show a perfect doorway entrance with something inside ! The best example of a Mars Door so far I would say. Hard to deny this one. Credit to fellow researcher/YouTuber Jean Ward for posting this find. Awesome ! 

It closely resembles some of the tomb entrances at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Height around 2 feet. Possibly a tomb entrance. This entrance is around 50 metres from the row of square burial chambers and ruined rooms I showed in recent videos.

There even seems to be a ramp next to it for a rolling stone door like the one in the video.

The mainstream press are largely issuing denials on this already. Claiming it is just a crack in the rock that may have been caused by the recent Mars quake. LOL. Since when do cracks have perfect symmetry, right angles and smooth render on the inside with a nicely curved lintel above. Perhaps NASA are deliberately giving nonsensical BS explanations to help us realize we were right all along ? Very odd indeed I would say.

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MARS Doorway Entrance - All The Things Nearby. ArtAlienTV 

Over 350 objects/finds leading up to the "Mars Doorway Entrance". These were all found in Gale Crater by ArtAlienTV and friends. If you are new to this subject you may be shocked to find out that what you have been told by the zombie media is mostly BS. 

Feel free to ask any questions. NASA Image links under each video.

All these can be seen here:

Mars Doorway Entrance SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

MARS Bunker Door with Handle Found. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars rover image shows a warped door with a rectangular handle and ovoid window. It seems to have been melted and is around 2 or 3 feet long, 5 inches thick, with a large hinge section on the near side. There is an object in the window/porthole with what appears to be emblems on it perhaps. Is this from and aircraft, ship, bunker or armoured vehicle ? Either way there should be more wreckage in the area.

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MARS Igloo Found - Has Arched Doorway ! ArtAlienTV (4K) 

A Strange Mars object/structure resembling a Stone Igloo in shape. It is hollow with an archway entrance on the right and a double diamond carved motif on the left. It may represent Martian plumbing ? Width less than 2 feet. Is this an Igloo or just a loo ?

Also some very oddly perched rocks in the area !

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Mars Bunker House Has Doorway and Window ! ArtAlienTV 

Are these some bunker style houses or structures on Mars? Looking like something from Lord of the Rings, one has what resembles a window, a door with a lintel above it and a semicircular shape to the structure. One has some close cut stone block-work. There are also some blatant rectangular shaped ruins on the left of the main semicircular structure here and also some buried in sand, just below.

In my opinion, this is one of the best Mars finds by any researcher in years and goes some way to confirm my long-held view that Mars was once populated with intelligent cultures that were unfortunately destroyed by a huge cataclysm. Perhaps a few of them took shelter here in these now ruined bunker style dwellings.

First found by Martine Grainey (UFAH) in February 2017 and originally published on Facebook by her on 20th Feb 2017 then on YouTube  by ArtAlienTV - March 3rd  2017. 

Cave Dwellings on MARS - Intelligent Structures & Domes - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like hundreds of cave dwellings on Mars. Also a 300 ft Dome and a similar sized Ziggurat on Mt Sharp. There are bunker like structures and I take another look at the Mars Sewer outlet / storm drain that I published a while back.

These are mainly Chemcam Curiosity Rover images that are clear and not downgraded like many we get. So what you see here is what is actually there on the Mountain. No JPEG artefacts here.


MARS Chamber Structures - Many Remains - Helmet ? ArtAlienTV 

Amazing quality images from Mars show a row of burial chamber structures, a dolmen, 2 large skulls. One may be a helmet. A figurine near the niche and many ruins and remains in both Jezero and Gale Craters.

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SOL 3398 👉

SOL 3390 👉

SOL 3403 👉

SOL 360 👉

Giant Dome Found on MARS has WINDOWS - Monolithic Bunker Structure - ArtAlienTV 

A giant dome with huge rectangular windows on Mars at Mount Sharp. At about a thousand feet wide at the base the huge windows can clearly be seen in the raw image. No doubt!

Another stunning Curiosity Rover image taken right back at Sol 45 in the early stages of the mission to study the geology of this fascinating region deep in Gale Crater. #Mars #Dome #Structures

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MARS Alien Underground Entrance ! ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a half buried ancient alien building structure or possible underground entrance on Mars in this HiRISE image. It has clear rectilinear wall structures and right angles that seem to show through the sand in this infra red merged images from NASA. 

There's depth to this structure, some possible steps also. People need to get into these merged infra red images. They contain more information than a standard RGB picture.

Are these wall structures from an ancient alien building or underground entrance? You decide as always.

I think this is one of the best finds in recent months, full credit to Thomas Jensen from the Zoom Club. Great find. 

NASA image link:



(As seen on Ancient Aliens) " A massive hanger or bunker building on Mars with a gigantic entrance showing. Also what looks like a large pyramid building structure above what resembles a huge natural fortress city at Mount Sharp. (Aeolis Mons)

There are multiple buildings here, but only the really large ones show in any detail from such a long distance away.

It overlooks the now dried up harbour at the base of the mountain. 

I have been calling this area a military/naval base now for over 2 years and have made many video documentaries on the area. Perhaps people will finally take note of my theory. I estimate the bunker to be around 1000 feet wide, possibly a lot bigger. The pyramid looking structure is around 500 - 700 feet tall approximately. 

The larger image here also shows what looks very much like lake water in the foreground. It could it be heated by geothermal activity as the Satellite thermal images of the Gale Crater area suggest "

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Mars Shelter Has Doorway: Boat or Bunker Structure ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a shelter, wrecked boat or bunker building with a doorway on Mars in Gale Crater. Up close and in some good detail despite NASA's attempt to fudge the image.

From Curiosity Rover image set 1355.

Credit to subscriber Tom Pendlebury for sending in this great find.

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MARS - Wall with Doorway - Structures, Ruins, Art - ArtAlienTV 

A ruined Mars wall with doorway. Interlocking cut masonry and skilful stonework. Carvings and a strange protohuman and other remains in Jezero Crater. These images are so clear that there is no doubt in my mind about these finds. Apart from the actual age of them. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MARS Cave Entrance - Burial Mask and Structure Exposed - ArtAlienTV 

A Martian burial mask in a cave entrance. Looks like gold. This is a burial mound structure and on top there is a gargoyle carved on to a rock. Curiosity Rover images. Loads of other strange objects can also be seen in the area below the burial cave chamber.