MARS Tombs & Burials

A now large collection of Mars burial artefacts. Including an amazing tomb entrance, grave stones, sarcophagi, a Martian corpse in a coffin, 

burial items like jewellery, ornaments and statuettes. Burial mounds / dolmens and tomb structures. 

Rows of burial chambers are common all over Mars. Examples here have scanned seen by 3 different rovers !

Some of these coffins and grave markers even have glyph's and carved symbols / writing on them. 

See video descriptions or my  Gigapan site  for image links.

MARS Doorway Entrance Found - What's Inside ? ArtAlienTV 

Mars images show a perfect doorway entrance with something inside ! The best example of a Mars Door so far I would say. Hard to deny this one. Credit to fellow researcher/YouTuber Jean Ward for this find. Awesome ! 

It closely resembles some of the tomb entrances at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Height around 2 to 3 feet. Possibly a tomb entrance. This entrance is around 50 metres from the row of square burial chambers and ruined rooms I showed in recent videos.

The mainstream press are largely issuing denials on this already. Claiming it is just a crack in the rock. LOL. Since when do cracks have perfect symmetry and smooth render on the inside with a nicely curved lintel above. There even seems to be a ramp next to it for a rolling stone door like the one in the video. 

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MARS Chamber Structures - Many Remains - ArtAlienTV 

Amazing quality images from Mars show a row of burial chamber structures, a dolmen, large skulls, a figurine and many ruins and remains in both Jezero and Gale Craters.

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SOL 3398 👉

SOL 3390 👉

SOL 3403 👉

SOL 360 👉 

MARS 2020 - Burial Structures - Beyond the GRAVE - ArtAlienTV 

Another Grave Stone and burial site on Mars. This one appears to have a skull carved onto it's amazingly straight and symmetrical structure. It is about 7 inches in height.

In this compilation video I compare it to many similar finds from recent years from myself and other researchers from around the world. Further evidence for past life on Mars.

Curiosity Rover image from Sol 1081. #Mars #Grave #Structure

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MARS Concrete Structures: Burial Site - ArtAlienTV 

Latest images from Mars Curiosity rover show clear overlapping spokes in concrete and a possible sitting burial exposed by erosion. Loads of complex material in this area of Gale crater at Mt Sharp.

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MSL SOL 3350 - Colour

MSL SOL 3350 - B & W

Giant Bird and Warrior Tomb on MARS: Ares Maximus - ArtAlienTV 2020 

A warrior in a helmet buried next to a giant bird under a ridge on MARS.

This confirms the new species I found 7 years ago that I named "Ares Maximus" as well as all the many warrior finds on my channel. Latest Curiosity Rover images from Sol 2779. Chemcam.

#Mars #Life #Structures


MARS Perseverance - Burial Structures in Jezero - ArtAlienTV 

Burial mounds / structures in Jezero Crater near the Perseverance rover. Similar to many I have shown by some of the older rovers including Spirit, Opportunity an Curiosity. These are all over the place and I have shown well over 200 skulls, statues and burial items by them so far. The long haired man. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MARS CRYPT - Exposed Burial Found - ArtAlienTV 2020 

An exposed Crypt or burial on Mars. Craniums and carvings all in a row like others I have shown in many of my previous videos. Also many other anomalies like statues and fossils in this area.


Mars Warriors Uncovered - Burial Grounds - ArtAlienTV 

3 Martian burials uncovered by erosion on this ridge near Mt Sharp. Very similar to the many others I have shown on my channel. Eroded tomb chambers all around this area.

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MARS CORPSE in COFFIN ? Alien Tomb & Parasite Plant. ArtAlienTV 

Is this a corpse in a stone coffin on Mars? Only around 15 - 20 inches long lying half exposed on the surface. Arm, legs, torso and head/face detail are visible in this recent Curiosity Rover image. Also a very strange robot figure or object with what looks like a crawling plant growing up, around and over it onto what may be a dust covered tree stump behind it. Very strange indeed. That figure is around 5 - 8 inches tall perhaps. 

Also a very nicely cut piece of stonework that is blatantly intelligently made.

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Mars Gold Burial Mask: Part 2: Statue Confirmed. ArtAlienTV 

Update: - Another image angle confirms a buried statue that looks like a golden burial mask on Mars in Gale Crater. What else can I say? It now really does look like the top of a buried statue. It is quite small and highly reflective. Around 18 inches or less in total size and has a large elongated head/headdress.

There are some very interesting objects in these recent Curiosity Rover images. This is no exception.

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Mars Standing Stone Structure: Burial Dolmen ? ArtAlienTV 

Is this standing alien structure a burial dolmen or part of a destroyed primitive Mars building half buried in sand ? In this NASA Curiosity Rover image from Sol 1448 we have interlocking standing stones much like some of the Neolithic structures on Earth. It seems to have some interesting shapes on it's underside. 

Could these be fossils or perhaps carvings? Also a few other interesting structures here including some petrified wood, a square block and possible gargoyle like statue head.

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