MARS Sphinxes & Animal Sculptures

These Mars sphinxes and animal sculptures are exclusive to ArtAlienTV. All found in recent years in the Curiosity

and Perseverance rover images from Mars. I have many more but these are the clearest.

There must have been temples and burial sites in Gale crater as there is so much half buried statuary evidence in the area.

All these can be referenced to the official NASA images and checked under each video.

These are very real and some are quite stunning in detail that suggests there were humans on Mars in the past at least.

Some look almost Egyptian, Olmec or even Greco-roman in artistic style.

Others seem to depict many different cultures of all shapes and sizes. A fascinating insight into Martian art and culture.

See video descriptions or my Gigapan site for image links.

MARS Sphinx 2022: NEW Images Update ! ArtAlienTV

Latest Mars images show greater detail of the Sphinx ! Also a human head and many strange objects nearby on the ground. Is there a chamber under this latest Sphinx ?

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

SOL 3372 MR - SphinxπŸ‘‰

SOL 3365 ML - Sphinx πŸ‘‰

SOL 3372 ML - Head πŸ‘‰

Giant Sphinx πŸ‘‰

MARS Sphinx Found ! 2022 - ArtAlienTV

An amazing Sphinx here on Mars. Significant eye, iris, nose, lips and facial details can be seen. Better than any in recent years. The head is eroded yet intact enough to see what it actually is. The body unfortunately is heavily damaged but could represent an animal form.

This may represent a past King of Mars or leader of this ancient area in Gale crater that the Curiosity Rover has been surveying since 2012.

There are many similar giant statues and sphinxes in this area that I have coined the Royal Mile at the base of Mt Sharp. (Aeolis Mons) See my channel for more on those !

This is a genuine image find unlike the utter garbage we see from MISTER Spamiele ! If channels do not provide image info or links then they are most likely bogus !

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

MSL SOL 3365 πŸ‘‰

Enhanced Clips πŸ‘‰

Giant Sphinx πŸ‘‰

Image Link

MARS Update - NEW Sphinx Detail - Species Unknown - ArtAlienTV

Some amazing new image detail on the huge Mars Sphinx and a species unknown spotted by researcher Martine Grainey. Evidence that proves life on Mars as NASA stays silent. Wake up !


ArtAlienTV-Gigamacro site HERE πŸ‘‰


Mars City Found (Part 2). Nazca Lines. Red Baron UFO. ArtAlienTV

Mars City and Sphinx 2022 update. Nazca Lines. Red Baron downs a large UFO in 1917 during WW1. This was an arms race and explosive rounds were probably used. Brand new tech at the time as were the aircraft. This was new to the UFOs and never happened after. I have spoken in person to many pilots from the later WW2 and some of them were downed by FOO fighter electro interference.


SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

SOL 3386 MR (EN) Mars Sphinx πŸ‘‰

SOL 3383 MR (EN) Mars Sphinx up Close πŸ‘‰

Mars City HC πŸ‘‰