MARS Helmets

My growing collection of Mars helmets. Good evidence for ancient alien soldiers on the Martian surface.

Some of these are human sized and some are very small.

This says to me that there were at least 4 sizes of humanoids on Mars and probably more. 

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MARS CYBORGS - Breathing Gear - Playlist

Martians wearing helmets and possible breathing apparatus. Did these people survive the destruction on Mars and wear these things to breath in the depleted atmosphere ? 

MARS HELMETS - Ancient Warrior Evidence - ArtAlienTV Playlist

MARS Gas Mask and Heating Chambers - Alien Tech - ArtAlienTV 

Images from Mars show a possible gas mask and some under floor heating structures of a ruined building. Like a hypocaust. Also I show a Ship, Giant Sphinx and many more structures, remains and relics. The heating system may have been hot air and not water as I suggested.

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SOL 147 - Gas Mask

SOL 925 - Chambers

SOL 926 - Chambers

SOL 582 - Sphinx / Ship

SOL 416 - Statues

SOL 438 - Figures 

MARS Chamber Structures - Many Remains - Helmet ? ArtAlienTV 

Amazing quality images from Mars show a row of burial chamber structures, a dolmen, 2 large skulls. One may be a helmet. A figurine near the niche and many ruins and remains in both Jezero and Gale Craters.

Many more here -

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SOL 3398 👉

SOL 3390 👉

SOL 3403 👉

SOL 360 👉 

MARS Battle Helmet (Part 2) Objects and Fungi Plants ? ArtAlienTV 

These images are actually from Mars unlike some bogus channels out there posting total BS images from Morocco or Tunisia. BEWARE !!!

If channels do not provide image links or info they are most likely bogus !

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Helmet 👉

Sitting Man 👉

Fungus 👉

Alien Soldier in Helmet Found - Battlefield MARS - ArtAlienTV 2020 

Mars Soldier in helmet with breathing gear coming out of his mouth. Next to the 2 bunker structures from my previous video.

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More Ancient Helmets on MARS - Help This Research - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like another 2 helmets on Mars in Gale Crater in this Curiosity Rover image. Also a possible dog or more likely a rock with low level plant growth on it. 

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MARS Soldier Found - Head in Helmet - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like another humanoid head in a helmet on Mars in Gale Crater. At about half human size you can see some interesting details in both the face and helmet once the contrast is increased. Is this more evidence of a recent conflict on Mars? This is one of many similar finds on my YouTube channel ArtAlienTV.

From Curiosity Rover image set 646. 

Also a brief taster of the giant ape skull that I found recently that resembles a gorilla or baboon in morphology.

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MARS Astronaut Found - The Stone Temple Pilot - Helmet - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a mummified astronaut/pilot on Mars in Gale Crater. Wearing a large helmet that looks melted and eroded with apparatus attached on the left. Human sized.

This Curiosity Rover image at the Martian ridge called Apikuni Mountain was taken in good detail and is well lit so the image is better than the average browse images we get from Mars. There is also a structure that resembles a small person or something similar.

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Gigapan Credits - ArMap 

MARS Perseverance - Latest Statue Analysis - ArtAlienTV 

A closer look at the warrior statue with helmet by the Mars Perseverance rover and also some more at the bunker shaped structure in the distance. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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Statues and Debris 👉

Bunker Shaped Structure 👉

Image download 👉 

MARS Terracotta Army - Multi Warrior Statues - ArtAlienTV 

Remnants of a warrior race on Mars with a double headed statue in Gale Crater. Also another warrior one with a helmet nearby in these Curiosity Rover images fro Sol 25. I also show the horse statue I recently found. It is not a frog. Warriors don't ride frogs.

These may be older Rover images but they are better than the newer ones in some respects.

There are whole lines or rows of statues in the area that may have resembled the Terracotta Army in China but on a smaller scale. #Mars #Statue #Army

✔ NASA image links:


Terracotta Army link: 

MARS WAR HELMET ? Or Statue Part Imaged by Rover ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a possible war helmet on Mars in Gale Crater in this Sol 542 Curiosity Rover image. Similar in shape to some here on Earth it has a possible neck guard and visor that resembles a sallet helmet. It also has similar texture and shape to the WWI German and Roman helmets that I have compared in this video.

Are NASA using image software to make some of these objects look more rock like? Or is it part of a carved statue?

If you look closely to the lower left of the object it almost looks as if the owners skull is still inside and a mouth showing with teeth.

There is some interesting detail here. 

It looks like some kind of head gear what ever anyone says. But it may be something completely different.

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

NASA image links: