MARS Statues

These are very real and some are quite stunning in detail that suggests there were humans on Mars in the past at least. 

I have hundreds of examples, even some right up close. Some look almost Egyptian, Olmec or even Greco-roman in artistic style. 

Others look very alien and seem to depict many different cultures. All shapes and sizes from small figurines to 

giant monumental portraits over a hundred feet high. There are well over 50 examples on this page alone. 

These are just the clearer ones that were nearest to the rovers. Many more can be seen on my channel or in the playlists here.

See video descriptions or my  Gigapan site  for image links.

MARS Sphinxes and Statues - Playlist

MARS Monument Found - 2 Statues ! ArtAlienTV 

Two monumental carved Mars statues can be seen here in this epic view of Mt Sharps lower slopes and buttes. They are eroded but you can see teeth and jaw detail on the right one that resembles the Moai of Easter Island on Earth with heavy brow features and angular shape.

There are many more in the area including large sphinxes as I have shown before.

This image was taken by MAST_RIGHT onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 3662 (2022-11-24)

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MARS Mummy in City Structures ! Jezero Sarcophagus. ArtAlienTV 

Mars Perseverance images confirm details of this Mummy in the city ruins of Jezero Crater. Similar to one found back in 2015 in Gale Crater. Amazing details to see here.

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Sol 282 Left 👉

Sol 282 Right 👉

Sol 922 👉

MRO HiRISE Jezero / Citadel / Gate 👉 

MARS - Dingo Gap Building & Statues  - Playlist

Multiple statues and artefacts next to and leading to a buried temple building on Mars. From Sols 540, 563, 571 and 580. Also some my original Mars temple building videos from 2014/15. 

MARS ART - Will NASA Call this a Crack ? ArtAlienTV 

Images from Mars show amazing art / sculpture. Will NASA call this a crack like they did with the "Mars Doorway" recently ? Or is it swamp gas ? Also some amazing Perseverance gigapan views of the surface with ancient ruins.

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here:

SOL 687

SOL 459 1

SOL 459 4

Mars Warrior Found: Sculpted Stonework. ArtAlienTV 

A heroic looking Martian warrior statue with good helmet and facial details. A nice floret design on the helmet and interesting cheek guard design with a gap for the ear. Some very precise lip and nose details here dictate a genuine manufactured artefact. Height between 12 and 24 inches.

Also I show over 25 more similar finds in both Gale and Jezero Craters on Mars.

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New Statue Found on Mars - Or is it a Mummy ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks very much like a mans head wearing goggles on Mars in Gale Crater. It may even be a face mask rather than goggles as some of my channel viewers have suggested. 

Is this a statue or an actual mummified head that is just sitting on the surface?

Is there a body just below buried? Many of these seem to be near the bottom of ridge lines as I have shown in dozens of similar previous cases on ArtAlienTV.

This may have been buried in the shifting sand dunes only to be revealed recently by lateral wind erosion. This could explain the good condition of the anomaly.

This possible head is human sized with human features and looks male with a modern looking hairstyle.

If we had clearer, in focus pictures we would be able to see if this was carved or an actual persons mummified head.

There are also some other strange structures that don't look natural in this Curiosity Rover image from Sol 563.

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MARS Perseverance: 2 Great Finds ! ArtAlienTV 

Genuine Mars Perseverance images show some very interesting finds. See for yourself and follow the links for more :) Beware of bogus Mars channels that have no links or image numbers !

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Sol 214 - Sarcophagus 👉

Sol 214 - Distant Statue 👉 

MARS UPDATE - Aries Portrait. Pipe, Clouds and Bottle - ArtAlienTV 

A strange pipe protruding from the nose of the huge Aries portrait. A bottle or lightbulb shaped anomaly found by top researcher Rami Bar Ilan and some Amazing clouds above Mt Sharp. Also some possible meercat sized animals in a group near Mont Mercou ?? More from Perseverance and Jezero Crater coming soon. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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Aries 👉

Meercats 👉

Clouds 👉

Bottle 👉 

MARS Royal Dynasty: The Dracula Connection - ArtAlienTV 

These Mars Statues show family traits and specific facial similarities leading me to believe there was a Royal dynasty line on Mars. Some look like kings, some princes or princesses and some look more like politicians or warriors. Either way it is clear that humans were dominant on Mars but there are statues of other more alien looking Mars cultures also on my channel. See my playlists for more on those.

Is it possible that our Royals are related to some of these via ancient Egypt and Babylon who claim to have come from another planet ? Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) and Prince Charles have the same facial features as the Mars Emperor and his relatives. Astonishing details here.

New Mars Dynasty Playlist here 👉

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Giant Statue 👉

Emperor 👉

Giant Sphinx 👉

How long will it be until Mars gets robbed of priceless artefacts and gold ? Is Elon Musk a glorified art thief ? There are treaties to prevent ownership of land on Mars but mining for minerals is allowed. Do these people know about all the art on Mars? Is this why they pretend there is nothing there but rocks? Perhaps they want to rob the artefacts to sell on Earth for billions of dollars. Perhaps this is the real reason everyone want to get to Mars. Gold Rush. #Mars #Art #Robbed 

MARS Terracotta Army - Multi Warrior Statues - ArtAlienTV 

Remnants of a warrior race on Mars with a double headed statue in Gale Crater. Also another warrior one with a helmet nearby in these Curiosity Rover images fro Sol 25. 

I also show the horse statue I recently found. It is not a frog. Warriors don't ride frogs.

These may be older Rover images but they are better than the newer ones in some respects.

There are whole lines or rows of statues in the area that may have resembled the Terracotta Army in China but on a smaller scale. #Mars #Statue #Army

✔ NASA image links:


Terracotta Army link: 

The MARS Prince - Row of Statues (Part 6) ArtAlienTV 2020 

A stunning Mars statue of a young man possibly made of bronze with a crown. A beheaded Martian with a fatal cranial injury with brain showing and a multitude of other similar finds in this new gigapan composite of Sol 571.

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The Master of MARS - Giant Statue 2020 - ArtAlienTV 

An amazing giant statue on Mars in Gale Crater. See it for yourself !  Let's see what the skeptics have to say now ! LOL ! 😆

Curiosity Rover images from Sol 2671. #Mars #Giant #Statue

ArtAlienTV shows clear quality finds unlike some channels who show very poor images.

Ask yourself this. Are some of these channels even showing anything at all ? 

First found by Keith Link - on 7th April 2020 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 8th April 2020.

SuperZoom Gigapan


Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

✔ NASA image links: 

MARS Emperor: Martian Royal Dynasty (Parts 1 & 2) ArtAlienTV (R) 

The scale and frequency of this Mars Art is overwhelming and hard to contemplate. Won't stop me though :) The fact that I am able to speculate on Martian family traits shows just how far we have come. Too far for NASA it seems !

King of Mars here 👉

Master of Mars here 👉

Prince of Mars here 👉

New find - The Batman 👉

New find - Mars Warrior 👉

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MARS - Egyptian Style Statue with Glyphs - Structures / Ruins - ArtAlienTV 

An amazing quasi Egyptian looking statue on Mars with glyphs on it. Also a snake and some indisputable intelligent structures and oddities in recent Perseverance and historic Curiosity images. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MSL SOL 1355 👉

Pyramid & Ruins on Mars ! Own Up NASA ! ArtAlienTV

Mars Shelter, Boat or Bunker Structure Near Curiosity Rover - ArtAlienTV 

MARS Perseverance - Latest Statue Analysis - ArtAlienTV 

A closer look at the warrior statue with helmet by the Mars Perseverance rover and also some more at the bunker shaped structure in the distance. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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Statues and Debris 👉

Bunker Shaped Structure 👉

Image download 👉 

New MARS Perseverance Images and "The Gigergoyle of Gale" - ArtAlienTV 

A new 150mp image from the Perseverance rover in Jezero showing the bunker shaped ramp structure and a new find from Gale Crater that I have named The Gigergoyle with stunning detail. He is staring straight at Aries from my previous videos and has the same long Royal nose features as the others. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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New Percy Pan 👉

Gigergoyle Pan 👉

Overview Pan 👉 

Mars Dingo Gap - The Big Picture - Alien Life Evidence Update - ArtAlienTV 

An update on the Mars shoe and how near it is to a person with bare feet. Also a glossary of some of the statues in the area and how close they all are to each-other at the Dingo Gap area in Gale Crater.

The  Hannuman Temple and road to it is full of art and remains from the civilization that once lived here. A real treasure-trove. #Mars #Life #Structures

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MARS - Standing Statue Explained - SD1 

The standing statuette figure on Mars explained in detail. About a foot tall or less holding a possible weapon or something. 

A very good example this one. One of the only intact figures ever found. Short and sweet. Does this represent some kind of bear or little person? It is pitted and eroded so details are damaged. 

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VENUS Found on MARS - New Zoom Site - ArtAlienTV 

A statue that resembles Goddess Venus on Mars. Also many other finds on my new 

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MARS Perseverance UPDATE - Hand and Figurine - ArtAlienTV 

Mars Lives Matter - An Arm/Hand carved in stone and also a figurine or sarcophagus on the ridge in the distance in these latest Perseverance images from Jezero Crater on Mars. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here 👉 

Hand Sol 54 👉

Figurine Sol 26 👉

Fist Object Sol 1468 👉

Hand Sol 48 👉 

Martian Trolls - Statues & Cut Stone Blocks - Anomalies  - ArtAlienTV (R) 

Looking like something from the TV show Game of Thrones, we have what resemble three possible statues on Mars in Gale Crater. One looks like a Troll or perhaps a gargoyle/gremlin.

The others are harder to define in this Curiosity Rover image and may be due to partly optical rock illusions. The square block structure may be more convincing evidence for an ancient civilization in this area and looks very out of place. There are probably many more objects of interest in these Mars Gigapans from Sol 416/7.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉 

MARS MAYAN STATUE ? Lord Pakal ? Palenque Astronaut ?

(As seen on Ancient Aliens) 

(As seen on Ancient Aliens) "Resembling the Mayan Lord Pakal of Mexico we have what looks like another Mars statue head in this Curiosity Rover image. Like the many other Mars statues I have discovered, the rest of him is probably buried just below in the sand. Estimated size around 12 - 18 inches tall approximately. 

Where the ancient Mayans, Olmecs, Egyptians and ancient Indians related to or trading with Martians as well as each other in their flying machines? 

The similarities are just way to close to be a coincidence"

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉 

MARS Afro Statue and Strange Insect - ArtAlienTV 

An amazing human statue on Mars with an Afro hairstyle. Also a strange winged insect and other interesting finds in both Perseverance and Curiosity images. A lot to see here. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MSL SOL 1501 👉


MARS - The BATMAN - High Status Statue Art and Glyphs - ArtAlienTV 

A high status statue of a human on Mars. Looks a bit like Batman or even Dracula. Possibly a priest or King wearing a gown with a large collar. Also some glyphs and smaller gargoyle like sculptures by these buried and ruined structures that appear as mounds. Some amazing details here in Jezero Crater. Perseverance Sol 153. 

#mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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The Mars Emperor - 200 ft Martian Statue Found (Part 1) ArtAlienTV 

Mars Emperor Statue over 200 ft high with a black goatee beard and very clear facial morphology attributes that would be impossible for nature to wind carve with such anatomical precision and symmetry. Astonishing details in this latest image from the Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 2900. He also seems to have a small mustache also that maybe hewn from dark pigmented rock or clay that is common in Gale Crater.

In the video I estimated it at around 60 ft high or more but other Mars image experts measure it at 246 ft so I settled at 200. Either way this is absolutely huge.

Some have compared him to Abraham Lincoln but I prefer Emperor Ming from the 1930's Flash Gordon. 

The massive carved portrait is eroded and damaged but is in remarkable condition considering it is possibly over 500,000 years old.

The pronounced cheekbones and nose details are very similar to other statues I have found in the area including the giant 200 ft Mars Sphinx that I spotted back in 2015 that went viral and was in the newspapers that year.

See part 2 here 👉

The Mars Emperor was first found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV Oct 2nd 2020 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - Oct 3rd 2020.

Article Link:


MARS Royal Dynasty - Martian Statues Compared - Playlist

Row of Statues on MARS: Parts 1, 2 & 3 - Pantheon of Gods - ArtAlienTV 

Visit the Pantheon on Mars. A culmination of many years close study of the statues and remains in Gale Crater on Mars. Is this proof of past life on the planet ?

I think so but skeptics will come up with any excuse to dismiss this rather than admit they were wrong all along. Believe your eyes, not the lies. Hysteria free analysis from ArtAlienTV.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉 SOL 540

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉 SOL 571 

MARS - The Priestess and the Plant - ArtAlienTV 

A stunning Mars statue of a woman resembling a Priestess. Also a plant fossil and a bunch of other statues and architecture fragments in this area. #Mars #Life #Structures


First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on  14th June 2020 and 

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 17th June 2020. 

Warrior Headstone and Creature Found on MARS - ArtAlienTV 

A warrior looking Statue. A headstone gargoyle and an unknown creature on Mars in Gale Crater. Also some other strange creature remains.

Curiosity Rover images from Sol 44.

SuperZoom Gigapan Here 👉 

MARS: BEST STATUE SO FAR - Martian High Art - ArtAlienTV 

The best example of a carved Martian statue found so far. Way too good to be dismissed as pareidolia. Way too clear to be an optical illusion,  way too well proportioned to be a coincidence and a wonderful piece of high art that shows the level of sophistication of the Martian civilization in the ancient past. People can disagree with this evidence all they want but it's not going to go away just because they can't comprehend a civilization on an alien planet in our own local solar system.

I estimate the carved head to be only around 3 or 4 inches long. It looks like it was once attached to a monument in the area.

This Curiosity Rover image set contains many interesting objects.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉

Mars Statue Figure in Curiosity Rover Image! ArtAlienTV - 16/2/2017 

Feb 16th 2017 - Exclusive " Is this a carved Martian figurine? It looks like a small sitting person holding a white object on his lap. This is on a ridge-line in Gale Crater on Planet Mars. It's not a chimera! 

The possible figurine is around 6 inches tall or less and even in this quite low-quality image, it is clear enough to see in some detail.

There are many oddities and strange rocks in this area. This one is quite different in shape and does not have the same erosion patterns on it. Is it just a coincidence?

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉 

Statue On Mars: Olmecs, Mayans & Martians. Ancient Astronauts. ArtAlienTV 

Is this yet another statue head on Mars? It looks similar to some Olmec and Mayan statue heads from Mexico on Earth. There are many in this part of Gale Crater in the Curiosity Rover images but this one is up close and in good detail. It is about 5 inches across and his nose is broken off but it still is quite convincing and is near many more by the Dingo Gap area.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉 

NASA image link: 

Gold Beetle INSECT on MARS - Multi Statues. Evidence For Life (Part 2) ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a shiny gold beetle with legs on Mars in Gale Crater. Also in this set of Curiosity Rover images there are 2 more possible statues and other remains. I take another look at the row of statues from part one of this series and show how I achieve the results when enhancing the brightness in the images to show more details.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉




Figurine Statue on Mars - Gandalf & Box Structures - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a small figurine on Mars. In this recent Gale Crater Curiosity Rover image. Probably only a few inches tall but could be more.

It could be petrified wood in a figurine shape and seems to be related to the box like structure right next to it. In forensics often the small things reveal the most.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉 

Incredible STATUE Found on MARS - Indiana Joe Strikes Again ! ArtAlienTV 

Check out this incredible Mars Statue. One of the best ever found. Also some other strange sculptures and finds near it. Too many to be a coincidence as I have found over 200 now. As can be seen on my channel. Gale Crater images from the Curiosity Rover.

Trolls and skeptics - eat my shorts !!!

This is a statue. Eroded, damaged and ancient. It has facial symmetry. A perfect nose, heavy brow ridges, prominent cheekbones and chin with a small mouth and with seems to be a bi-hemispheric cranium like some found in Peru. A three dimensional sculpture. It is easy to separate this from so called pareidolia. A made up word. If I thought it was I would not have shown it.

If you think a person like me, a lifetime portrait artist, sculptor and digital archaeologist is too stupid to tell the difference than you should rethink your reasons for repeating such patronizing dogma.

You need to ask yourself why the Pareidolia word is only used for Mars researchers and not Earth based archaeologists. #Mars #Statue #Structures


MARS NEW HEAD STATUE (As seen on Ancient Aliens) ArtAlienTV 

(As seen on Ancient Aliens) " A Martian carved statue head here that looks almost like Lord Pakal from ancient Mexico. Eyes and mouth quite clear with nose partially broken off. It is around 12 – 20 inches long (Approx) with an interesting carved head dress. Right ear also visible. 

This is not far from other possible cone-head statues found in the Dingo Gap location in Gale Crater and may be related as it is similar in scale and style. The chances of wind erosion sculpting eyes, nose, ears, mouth and overall head shape all together are astronomically small but people will still say it's just a rock. If this carved head was on Earth then would say such a thing? Is Mars too close for comfort for many people?

The more of these I and others find, the more people are saying the Curiosity Rover is on Earth in some desert somewhere. Not one of these people can tell me exactly where though. 

Mount Sharp that appears in the background of this image can not be found down here. It is alien and unusually symmetrical when seen from above and may be at least in part artificial.

It has many buildings on it and may even have tunnels inside it. Time will tell.

Another compelling piece of Mars art from ArtAlienTV's large collection. See my channel for many more astonishing finds "

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉

Armed Soldier Figure found on MARS - The Micro Guardian - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like an armed soldier in body armour carved onto a ruined wall structure on Mars in Gale Crater. This image seems to show a two foot tall effigy of a warrior with some amazing details from the Chemcam on the Mars Science Laboratory. (Curiosity Rover)

Also a strange structure with a pipe on it nearby on top of one of the mystery mounds. #Mars #Statue #Structures

✔ NASA image links: 

New Statue Found on Mars - Or is it a Mummy ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks very much like a mans head wearing goggles on Mars in Gale Crater. It may even be a face mask rather than goggles as some of my channel viewers have suggested. 

Is this a statue or an actual mummified head that is just sitting on the surface?

Is there a body just below buried? Many of these seem to be near the bottom of ridge lines as I have shown in dozens of similar previous cases on ArtAlienTV.

This may have been buried in the shifting sand dunes only to be revealed recently by lateral wind erosion. This could explain the good condition of the anomaly.

This possible head is human sized with human features and looks male with a modern looking hairstyle.

If we had clearer, in focus pictures we would be able to see if this was carved or an actual persons mummified head. There are also some other strange structures that don't look natural in this Curiosity Rover image from Sol 563.

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here 👉 

MARS GHOSTLY STATUE: Carved Alien Buddha ? Valley of Kings.  ArtAlienTV (R) 

"A real scary, ghostly Buddha looking carved statue head on Mars in Gale Crater. What can I say except see for yourself. Just sitting in the sand looking very strange but with clear eyes, nose and teeth. This is a fine example of what looks to be Martian funerary art from a possible grave stone or ancient Mars alien coffin. There is also a very strange heart shaped rock just to the right of it that looks highly suspicious. That could also be part of this tomb statue perhaps.

The object is around a foot or so wide and at first I thought it might be a Martian skull but then noticed the rather neat cut stone look to it, much like a stylized tombstone. This may be one of the clearest examples of alien art found so far as it was not too far from the Curiosity Rover's Mast Camera when the area was photographed".

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉 

More Martian Statues - Mars Gigapan Views - ArtAlienTV 

More strange looking possible Martian statue heads on Mars in Gale Crater. Are these gargoyles or just optical rock illusions? 

These are from Curiosity Rover images Sol 962 and 1450. 

SUPERZOOM Gigapans Here 👉 

SOL 962

SOL 1450 A

SOL 1450 B 

MARS STATUE HEAD & BODY ? Alien Nobleman. Valley of the Kings. ArtAlienTV 

" Dubbed Mr Magoo by my subscribers, what looks like another ancient alien statue head on Mars in Gale Crater. This one has the possible body/torso with arm and hand still attached right next to it lying on it's back in the dirt. The head has wide narrow eyes, flat broken looking nose, a beard and a large ear clearly visible. It almost looks like a Moai head from Easter Island. A nobleman warrior perhaps. The torso has what looks like armour on the shoulder, arm and chest. 

It looks like it might even be a double statue of a male and female embracing. With the male underneath on his back and female on top with limbs and head broken off. A real Mars puzzle here again "

SUPERZOOM Gigapan Here 👉