MARS Skulls & Bones

I have found well over 200 skull specimens in the Mars Rover images so far. Some may have died quite recently. 

It's hard to tell. The level of preservation is so good due of the lack of moisture and the extreme cold.

Skulls, fossilised creatures and mummified animals are in abundance. It's clear to me that Gale Crater was once an oasis where 

animals congregated to drink water. This would explain the density and diversity of specimens.

There may even be some water still at the lowest point of this very deep crater. The deeper you go the more likely you are to find 

living creatures as the air is more dense. Still NASA say nothing on this matter.

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MARS DROID Found - Multi Remains. ArtAlienTV (4K) 

4k. What appears to be a droid or cyborg cranium here in Jezero Crater on Mars. I kid you not ! It has a frame like structure to it and is eroded but there is detail to be seen. The framework may only be showing due to erosion and is scalloped by the wind. There is also a calcified humanoid head with quite alien morphology and a cranial ridge like some apes have on Earth.

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MARS Alien up Close ! ArtAlienTV (4K) 

4K. Mars Perseverance SuperCam image shows a close up Martian cranium. Check out the teeth. Facial details are petrified and preserved in the cold dry conditions. Around human size or a bit larger.

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MARS - The Kono Skull Find - ArtAlienTV 

Images from the Mars Perseverance rover show a skull found by researcher Yuriji Kono. At around 7 inches. The top of the cranium has broken off. Large orbits, teeth, nose, mandible and lips can be seen. The question is, how old is this ?

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MARS Reptoid Found - Jezero Crater - ArtAlienTV 

A reptoid cranium on Mars in Jezero Crater. Check it out. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MARS LIFE UNCOVERED - NASA Deception Busted (Part 1) ArtAlienTV 

A giant bird, a giants skull and other mysterious structures and objects on Mars. Just take a look and see. Ignore the official dogma and use your own eyes.

Curiosity Rover images from Sols 707 and 710.

The giants skull is very large, around 2 feet. That would make the owner in the realm of around 15 feet tall. The giant bird around 5 feet.

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50 MARS SKULLS - Jet Craft Update - ArtAlienTV 

A new clear Mars cranium. Update on the Jet Craft and 50 craniums all in a row for quick image comparison. It only takes 1 to prove NASA wrong. This is less than half of the craniums I have on my channel. Still not enough for some people it seems. 

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MARS Burial Chamber - Reptoid and Structures - ArtAlienTV 

An exposed Burial Chamber structure containing a very large either burial mask or person. Estimated head size over 2 feet ! Also a very large Reptoid of similar size, glyphs and other strange artefacts and structures from Sol 171 near the Perseverance Rover in Jezero Crater.

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Burial Chamber 👉

Reptoid 👉

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AMAZING MARS SKULL - Right by the Rover - ArtAlienTV 

Yet another skull on Mars. Just in front of the Curiosity Rover in Gale Crater. One of over 100 found in this area by ArtAlienTV. Also a possible fossilized humanoid head even closer the the rover encrusted in hardened sedimentary clay in this dried up lake bed. 

The elongated skull is larger than human size - around 10 to 12 inches long. Longer if fully intact. 

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MARS - Amazing Alien Skull Found - Close Detail - ArtAlienTV 

An amazing alien skull on Mars. Another reptoid it seems. About 14 inches long. Similar to many others I have discovered in the recent past and published on my channel ArtAlienTV. 

Preserved and calcified in the rich minerals from the lake bed and turned to stone like the creatures at Lake Natron in Africa.

Gale Crater Curiosity Rover images from MSL Sol 358. 

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" What is blatantly a Martian skull here with clear eyes, cranium, teeth, jaw bone, nasal cavity, hair and some very interesting details that look well preserved and freeze dried in the cold dry environment in Gale Crater. Christened Homo aeolis, (after Aeolis Mons/Mt Sharp) it appears in two images taken way back at Sol 550, this is possibly the best and most important Curiosity Rover image to date. 

At around 4 inches it has some major morphological differences including possible gill like protrusions behind the jaw on the left. And some very important dental details including incisors, canines and molars. The object next to it on the right is also very strange. I have no idea what it is.

Please don't tell me this skull is on Earth. We simply do not have skulls with brain coral looking cranial morphology like this down here "

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The amazing skull was first spotted by Eric Collingridge and recently (Nov 2nd 2015) posted on Facebook group 

Mars Discoveries And Solar System Anomalies

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Military Personnel found on MARS - With Breathing Gear - ArtAlienTV 

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Head With Breathing Gear  👉 

Mars Astronaut Here 👉

MARS Pyramid Stone and Multi Remains - ArtAlienTV

Loads of things to see in this area on Mars. Too many to mention in detail. Some of them match earlier finds. 

Lizards, Skulls and remains all over the area. Some big and some small.

See my channel for hundreds more ". #Mars #Pyramid #Structures

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Did Martians Come To Earth ? Peru V Mars - Skulls - ArtAlienTV 

After years of research there are many types of skulls on Mars in Gale Crater in pics taken by the Curiosity Rover. With some similar in the Opportunity and Spirit images also.

A fact that NASA have never denied.

Over 100 skulls and bone specimens so far. 

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Martian Proto-Human Skull - Mars Neanderthal - ArtAlienTV 

" Is this a possible humanoid/neanderthal skull on Mars in Gale Crater? At only around 4 inches long it has a very pronounced maxilla much like a chimp skull and may be a proto-human Martian from the recent past.

When I say recent I mean in the last 20,000 - 30,000 years.

If the conditions are really what we are told on Mars then this could be way older. The very dry and oxygenless atmospheric conditions preserving this skull perhaps for a million years or much more.

From Curiosity Rover image set Sol 590.

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in Feb 2016 and originally published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV - January 2nd 2017.

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Just feet away from the Mars crab (crabzilla) is this guy that looks very much like a fossilised Martian/alien skull. It can be seen in multiple Curiosity Rover images from Sol 710 and 713. And looks demonic almost. Quite scary in appearance. It is Human sized approximately but has a large piece of encrusted/hardened sediment attached to it where it was probably stuck in wet mud in the past before the lake completely dried out. 

This is very much my interpretation of what we can see here. Don't verbally crucify me for making this suggestion!

Is this pareidolia? I think not as it is one of 100 possible Mars skulls and bones I have spotted in the last few years. They can be seen on my channel for all to see.

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on July 28th 2015 and first published on YouTube August 19th 2015. 

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Mars Warriors Uncovered - Burial Grounds - ArtAlienTV 

3 Martian burials uncovered by erosion on this ridge near Mt Sharp. Very similar to the many others I have shown on my channel. Eroded tomb chambers all around this area.

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