MARS Birds & Fish

Petrified and fossilised remains of Birds on the surface of Mars and at least one in the air ?

The Mars Giant Bird skull here is around 6 feet long making it the largest bird specimen ever found.

The Hawk skull is the clearest found to date by anybody as far as I know.

Many of these birds seem to have fish eating or wader morphology and some look strikingly similar to earth species.

Some were gigantic possibly due to the lower 37% gravity. Gale crater was like Lake Natron in Tanzania at one point.

Many species of both birds and fish would have lived in, on and around it.

See video descriptions or my Gigapan site for image links.

MARS Birds - Playlist

MARS 2020 - BIRD Found - Thoth - ArtAlienTV

Another bird on Mars ! A bit like a heron, flamingo or other possible species of wading bird. It may even be a type of Pterosaur or a yet unknown species that has become calcified, preserved and encrusted in sedimentary clays in this dried up salt lake in Gale Crater.

As this lake dried out it would have become very alkaline and could have preserved dead animals and birds very much like lake Natron has in Africa on Earth ".

It is near another possible bird, the Bear from my previous video and another creature resembling a calcified dinosaur or other long necked creature that I also showed before.

Curiosity Rover images from Sol 2641. #Thoth #Mars #Bird

GIGAPAN CREDIT: Neville Thompson

4 Birds Found on Planet MARS - ArtAlienTV

I just found 4 birds on Mars in some Curiosity Rover images. One is a hawk like raptor, one a wader with a long curved beak like an ibis, a possible vulture and an insect feeder with a small beak. Also another strange animal like an ape or something unknown. There are about another 15 birds in my playlist Mars Birds if you wish to see more. Some are huge but most are quite small.

The rover images were taken years ago and I found the skulls this month. There are over 320 k images from this rover. Most have never been properly examined. Even by NASA.

#Mars #Birds #4

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV in Oct 2019 and

published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 26th Oct 2019.


Mars Dinosaur and Bird Found - ArtAlienTV

Images from Mars show a dinosaur, bird and many other remains in a relatively small area of Gale Crater. One has similar piranha like teeth to one from Jezero Crater. NASA remains silent on the matter.

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SOL 468 ML (EN) - Dino

SOL 468 ML (RAW) - Dino

SOL 554 MR (RAW) - Bird

Giant Bird and Warrior Tomb on MARS: Ares Maximus - ArtAlienTV

A warrior in a helmet buried next to a giant bird under a ridge on MARS.

This confirms the new species I found 7 years ago that I named "Ares Maximus" as well as all the many warrior finds on my channel. Latest Curiosity Rover images from Sol 2779 Chemcam. #Mars #Life #Structures


MARS - Bird Spotted Near Albino Alien ? ArtAlienTV

What looks like a bird on a rock near the albino alien I showed in my previous video. From the same image of Mars in Gale Crater taken be the Curiosity Rover. See for yourself.

It is probably an object shaped like a bird, not a real one. But there are bird remains and one flying in the area as shown here. So something strange is certainly going on. #Mars #Bird #Alien

βœ” NASA image link:

MARS BIRD or DINO - Intact Specimen - Road Runner - ArtAlienTV

A small dinosaur or bird found under a rocky overhang on MARS.

Looks a bit like a small Dromiceiomimus or perhaps a flightless bird. Size around 10 inches.

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FISH ON MARS OR WHAT - Unknown Species Fossil ? ArtAlienTV (R)

Is this a fish fossil on Mars in this Gale Crater, Curiosity Rover Sol 551 image? It certainly looks like one. A type of bottom feeder with a tail and fins with a hard cuttlefish like back. It could be a mollusc or some other primitive creature that has a clear eye and armoured appearance. Could it be a carving or did it freeze dry when the water in this area evaporated rapidly ?

I was actually looking for more carved artefacts in this area when I stumbled on this fish anomaly after speaking to one of my loyal subscribers online about this panoramic Mars image. So many thanks to YouTuber samjasand for the input. Another find for the Mars marine creatures & fossils playlist.

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Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on May 22nd 2015 and first published on YouTube May 22nd 2015.

MARS Dog & Bird Found - Petrified Remains - ArtAlienTV

A petrified dog by a small bird on MARS. Also some other strange preserved creatures just lying in the sand. Can you tell what they are ? Mars Gale Crater Curiosity Rover images.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

βœ” NASA image link:

Mars Bird ? Fossil Evidence For Martian Life - ArtAlienTV

Is this a bird on Mars? It may well be an optical rock illusion but does seem to have an eye, beak, body and head all in the right proportions to be a small bird. In this Gale Crater

Curiosity Rover image set from Sol 1110 there are a few other interesting structures that are worth a look. I also show some of the other Mars bird anomalies found in recent months.

NASA image link:

MARS ROVER FINDS - Statues & Bird Cranium - ArtAlienTV

What looks like another crazy statue on Mars. Next to another one, with strange fish like objects nearby and also a bird cranium from sol 50 to boot. All in Gale Crater images taken by the Curiosity Rover.

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