MARS Objects

The Mars Car. What seems to be a Mobile Phone. Some tools, weapons and even a Mars Traffic Light 

shaped object. Boots and shoes, a possible toilet, bottles, engine parts, chains, metal objects, pottery, 

strange rods sticking up out of the ground as well as children's toys and dolls. 

It looks like tsunami wreckage to me. Possibly washed in to Gale Crater during the cataclysm. 

There would have been mud slides into this area that is 4.5 km down below the surface of Mars. 

These objects all look manufactured. The question is, who made them ? 

See video descriptions or my  Gigapan site  for image links.

Mars Objects & Alien Tech - Playlist

MARS Bookshelf ? Any IKEA what this is ? ArtAlienTV (4K) 

What is this on MARS ? Looks a bit like a bookshelf or CD Rack. Could it be part of a door ? There are bolts on the plank like object next to it. Zoom in and see ! A techno-fossil.

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Mars Propeller Found - Ship Confirmed by NASA Rover - ArtAlienTV 

The propeller anomaly recently spotted by fellow Mars researcher Lányi Gábor‎. A very interesting find indeed. More possible confirmation of my theory that there was once a port in this area of Gale Crater before the cataclysm that flattened most of the taller upstanding buildings and wrecked the ships and aircraft that were in the harbour just before the atmosphere was destroyed. Then the water in this huge lake evaporated leaving this wreckage behind only for us researchers to spot thousands of years later.

Also a new angle of one of the ship wrecks on Mars in Gale Crater. I first showed this ship shaped structure back in 2015 and we now have conformation from a new angle at a relatively close view range. See the video links for over 30 more Martian ships and boats.

From Curiosity Rover image set 1889.

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MARS - Evidence of a Destroyed Culture - ArtAlienTV 

Evidence of a destroyed culture on Planet MARS. All you have to do is look and you will find.

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SOL 393 -

SOL 1685 -

MARS Mystery Objects. Engine Block ? ArtAlienTV (4K) 

4K. Two strange objects in recent Mars images from Curiosity. The 90 degree angles on the block look very artificial. Like a 2 stroke engine or radiator perhaps. The thing on the slope looks like a cranium with eye orbits and nasal cavity. #Mars #Curiosity #images 

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Mars Mystery Object Collection - Extensive Evidence - ArtAlienTV (Part 2) 

(Part 2, Narrated version) " Over 50 mystery objects on Mars. Intelligently made. These are blatantly not just rocks. Machine parts, chains, helmets, utensils, tools, a toilet, petrified wood and even a possible keyboard and TV monitor. Lying around like a load of tsunami debris. They were probably washed into Gale Crater during the cataclysm and left in place as the water evaporated. 

Some of these things look like they are from Earth but in reality they are all about a third of the size of the equivalent Earth made objects.

MARS Chair Found ! Game of Thrones ! ArtAlienTV 

Mars Rover images show a large chair and glyphs as well as many other fragments of an ancient civilization in what was a large building structure right here. You can even see the exposed concrete floor in rectangular sections ! The chair / throne looks like it may be carved from a tree that is now petrified. Also some strange glyphs on a flat faced rock and some very spooky sculptures and remains.

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Spoked Mechanism found on MARS - Wheel or Propeller ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks like a six spoked wheel mechanism on Mars. Encrusted in hardened clay. Width around 5 inches. Could it be a propeller or even a creature?

From Curiosity Rover image set - Sol 2117.

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CAR Found on MARS - Techno Fossil - ArtAlienTV 

A mud encrusted Mars car in close up detail found. One of dozens of cars, boats, ships and tanks on my channel. 

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Car Found On Mars - Not Elon Musk's Tesla - ArtAlienTV 

What looks like an old abandoned car on Mars. Check out the wheel and bumper details and see for yourself. It even seems to have a number plate. Also some strange objects right in front of it. If this is a car it is only about one third size like many of the objects found on the Martian surface. From Opportunity Rover image set Sol 1344.

First found by Vladimir Vladimirov in March 2018 and Published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - March 13th 2018.

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MARS - Twisted Rebar and "Enigma Machine" ArtAlienTV 

New close-ups of the twisted arch structure that may be eroded rebar and a new look at the object I coined the Enigma Machine or Cash Register that made the press a few years back. #mars #nasa #perseverance #curiosity #rover #images

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MSL SOL 1434 👉

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Speedboat & Car found on MARS - Hydrofoil by Forbidden City - ArtAlienTV 

A speedboat shaped object or structure on MARS. It has what seems to be hydrofoils under it and is sitting in the dried lake bed at Mt Sharp below the Forbidden City. Also a perfect white dome,  a large shipwreck or submarine with a possible car in front of it, a strange 50ft ball structure and evidence of obfuscation and smudging of these images from the Curiosity Rover on Sol 1286.

City - pyramids, towers, domes, ship and boat wrecks. Buried structures and mysterious buttes that look like bunkers. 

There is even a storm drain overflow or sewer outlet. One of the most damning images of Mars ever seen. It has it all.

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Mars UFO or Aircraft Escape Capsule ? UAV Anomaly ? ArtAlienTV 

Mars UFO or Aircraft Escape Capsule ? UAV Probe Anomaly ? What looks very much like an escape capsule or UAV on Mars in Gale Crater. From an image taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover in Feb 2013 - Sol 198. This "Probe" find was first published by ArtAlienTV on April 9th 2013. (See channel for details)

In this the full HD video remake we look at the similarities between this Mars object and the B-58 escape capsule from the US Navy 1962. The Mars capsule is very small. Only around 9 or 10 inches. If it is an escape pod, it asks some serious questions about what we should expect to find on Mars. It may be a probe but why does it have a window? Or is it just an engine part from a small aircraft or boat?

Could this be an alien drone? Are there Mars pilots only 9 inches tall? This raises so many questions.

There is also a strange object just to the upper right of the probe.

These objects also appear in Sol 184 and this video here.

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MARS SHOES - CLOTHING - Top 10 - Playlist

MARS - Calcified Human or Doll Found ! ArtAlienTV 

A calcified/petrified human or doll on Mars. Large cranium with perfect eyes and facial details, foreshortened limbs and torso, toes and reproductive organs can be seen. All in this recent and quite astonishing Gale Crater Curiosity Rover image. This is only around 4 inches in size.