UFO's are Everywhere

A fine collection of UFO's / spaceships above Earth, Mars and our Moon taken from source images provided by NASA and ESA as well as some Russian and Chinese space agency images. These are some of the best finds you will see anywhere on the net. The Olympus Mons space ship is over a km wide and is blatantly not Earth made. It may not even be from Mars. For all we know these UFO's could be from another civilization completely. They could have invaded Mars after the cataclysm around 12 thousand years ago as we are about to in 10 years or so. 

It will be a bit of a shock when we get there and aliens warn us away like they did with NASA during the Apollo missions. And unlike some channels out there all these can be referenced to the official NASA/ESA images and checked. Keep an open mind. One day our very survival may depend on it ".

Joe White: See me on Ancient Aliens (Pyramids of Antarctica & Destination Mars)

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MARS Alien Craft Spotted - Flying V UFO (Parts 1+2) ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars rover image shows an incredible winged alien UFO craft. Being targeted from above and is swinging to avoid a rocket projectile coming down directly from above the UFO. The con trail is clear. Is the projectile from a satellite or one of the larger high altitude UFO drones that I showed before ? This is not Ingenuity that is thousands of miles away ! That drone does not have wings ! The best / clearest Mars UFO so far ! Distance around 120 feet from the rover. Height around 70 to 100 feet. Wingspan 8 feet approx. The fact that the rover takes countless images of the sky and horizon with multi cameras strongly suggests that it's on Mars to record UFO activity and not just drill rocks as we have been lead to believe. The number of UFO' s in the images is large compared to a similar sized area on Earth. We were hoodwinked. This and my other recent Mars UFO finds blow the doors wide open as far as ET life is concerned. I wish I had checked these Navcam images a lot sooner.

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MARS UFO Intercepting Rover Radio Signals ! ArtAlienTV (4K) 

This Martian UFO has an ariel hanging down to intercept the signals from the Curiosity rover ! Multi angles are shown here. Is this is the best evidence of an ET's on Mars ? This drone may be controlled by someone in Gale Crater, getting the rover data before anyone on Earth ! Including secret military X-band telemetry. This is not Ingenuity that is thousands of miles away ! 

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MARS UFO Spotted. Eucharist Drone ? ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars rover Image shows a black UFO near curiosity over the buttes at Mt Sharp. Ball shaped with straight limbs like Sputnik or that old master painting. Glorification of the Eucharist 1600. The UFO is around 4 ft in size at around 50 ft up. The lower limb seems thinner than the others. A technical object it seems. One of the best in recent years. This is not Ingenuity that is thousands of miles away ! 

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MSL SOL 3828 - NAVR 


MARS UFO's - ArtAlienTV  Playlist

" UFO's on Mars. Some in flight and some wrecked or half buried. There is some interesting activity on Mars. Some may be alien but some are possibly ours.

All these can be referenced to the official NASA/ESA images and checked ". 

UFO and Vegetation Spotted on MARS ! ArtAlienTV 

Double Bill - Mars rover image shows a black saucer UFO. Also an amazing HiRISE image shows green vegetation on the Mars frozen ground in good detail. The large 50 to 100 metre moss patches seem to be on the edge of a deep cavern that may be a thermal vent. These both match many previous finds on my channel going back years. 


https://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/spirit_n536.html https://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/2/n/536/2N173953008EFFACB9P0683L0M1.HTML 

SUPERZOOM Gigapans here: 

Veg Closer - https://viewer.gigamacro.com/view/p5RZJcCkdYthujz4?x1=3104.54&y1=-9456.47&res1=2.99&rot1=0.00 

Veg - https://viewer.gigamacro.com/view/Q2B4BUxV6A6LuCh2?x1=7740.86&y1=-12797.96&res1=13.10&rot1=0.00 

UFO Seen on Mars - Bird, Insect or Drone ? ArtAlienTV 

What looks like an insect or UFO on Mars in Gale Crater. It is probably quite small and close to the rover but it is hard to tell. It may be some wind blown debris of some sort but seems to have symmetry and an almost insect like appearance. Rocks don't fly and there are not supposed to be leaves flying around on Mars either! Update: This anomaly is very close to the rover left Hazard camera as it would also appear in the right one if it was farther away. So this is really small. The low resolution camera would not pick up fine detail like tiny legs or wings. Could the three sections be a head, thorax and abdomen? The blocky almost mechanical appearance may be due to pixelation. The object is probably more rounded in reality. From Curiosity Rover image set - Sol 1940. 

NASA image link: https://mars.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?rawid=FLB_569730479EDR_F0672478FHAZ00206M_&s=1940 

Alien Spaceships & UFO's - ArtAlienTV  Playlist

Rod UFO's Follow MARS Rover - Spy Drones - May 2019 - ArtAlienTV 

Some amazing rod UFO's on Mars following the rover from behind in Gale Crater spotted by fellow Mars researcher Terry Burnett. In these Curiosity Rover images the two rod shaped UFO's are about 1 ft to 1.5 ft in length. One black and one bright white. Could these be drones or something else ? The images were taken with the rear Hazcams left and right B only milliseconds apart as the Rover only has one censor shared for all cameras. Are these two different objects or the same one that has changed colour while moving at speed from one area to the next ? It would have to move fast to show in both images. The lack of extreme motion blur suggests that these are two similar objects moving in unison rather than one. The chain like structure seen in the white rod image is largely down to pixelation. In reality it would be more smooth looking like the other darker one higher up. There is a lot of interference in many of these images caused by atmospheric radiation but these rods are much bigger than those white specs in the images. 

First found by Terry Burnett - on 20th May 2019 and published on YouTube first by ArtAlienTV - 22nd May 2019. Terry Burnett's Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10219483018655762&set=gm.2263828507215965&type=3&theater&ifg=1 Image

 Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS National Aeronautics and Space Administration ✔ 

NASA image link: https://mars.nasa.gov/raw_images/588609/?site=msl https://mars.nasa.gov/raw_images/588608/?site=msl

MARS UFO Dogfight - Drone War ? ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars rover image shows multiple UFO drones in close together as if they are in a dogfight. I also show a 3 frame sequence of moving footage of one in light mode above the mountain at much higher altitude. This is a first - Insane. #mars #ufo #dogfight #NASA 

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here: MSL SOL 3282 HAZCAM F https://viewer.gigamacro.com/view/F14Ia7X0o41B685Y?x1=4475.50&y1=-2402.00&res1=6.69&rot1=0.00 

MARS Winged UFO Spotted - Spy Drone ? ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Mars rover shows a large winged aircraft at altitude above Gale Crater ! It seems about a mile up and is cross shaped, has well defined wings and body shape. There is no stabilizer on the back so is likely not one of ours. Insane detail here !

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here: 

MSL SOL 3404 NAVR https://viewer.gigamacro.com/view/Z1I5lzVTBlYxGcFT?x1=4205.36&y1=-1669.16&res1=5.47&rot1=0.00

MARS Drones Exit Rod UFO - Insane Rover Image ! ArtAlienTV (4K) 

Insane Mars Rover image shows drones exiting a rod shaped craft about half a mile from the Curiosity Rover in Gale Crater. At a height of around 150 feet or much more. This maybe the rod UFO I showed in my recent video in the same area speeding across the crater. This blew my mind this one :) 

SUPERZOOM Gigapan here: MSL SOL 3317 NAVR https://viewer.gigamacro.com/view/OjboWOPqbolYWSFC?x1=4158.00&y1=-1610.00&res1=5.44&rot1=0.00 


Is this a helicopter shaped UFO on Mars? It is very similar in shape but seems quite small like a drone perhaps. Is it spying on the Curiosity as it looks over the ridge behind in this amazing rear hazard avoidance camera image fro the Mars Science Laboratory? Check out the comparisons to some of our terrestrial helicopters from Earth in this video and you will see striking similarities in both the body and tail shape with a possible outline of the frontal landing gear. 

This was sent in by eagle eyed Andrea Galindo and when I viewed it I was quite gobsmacked when I saw the shape of the UFO. Is this evidence that we already have an established military presence on Mars or is this a truly alien or Martian aircraft ? We may never know. 

First found by keen eyed Andrea Galindo and originally published on YouTube by her on October 19th 2015. Her YT channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsI35KqoorggiWBAdKbaZ0Q 

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS 

NASA image link: http://mars.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?rawid=RLB_474027947EDR_F0442958RHAZ00311M_&s=862