UFO's are Everywhere

A fine collection of UFO's / spaceships above Earth, Mars and our Moon taken from source images provided by NASA and ESA as well as some Russian and Chinese space agency images. These are some of the best finds you will see anywhere on the net. The Olympus Mons space ship is over a km wide and is blatantly not Earth made. It may not even be from Mars. For all we know these UFO's could be from another civilization completely. They could have invaded Mars after the cataclysm around 12 thousand years ago as we are about to in 10 years or so.

It will be a bit of a shock when we get there and aliens warn us away like they did with NASA during the Apollo missions. And unlike some channels out there all these can be referenced to the official NASA/ESA images and checked. Keep an open mind. One day our very survival may depend on it ".

Joe White: See me on Ancient Aliens (Pyramids of Antarctica & Destination Mars)

See video descriptions or my Gigapan site for image links.

MARS UFO's - ArtAlienTV Playlist

" UFO's on Mars. Some in flight and some wrecked or half buried. There is some interesting activity on Mars. Some may be alien but some are possibly ours.

All these can be referenced to the official NASA/ESA images and checked ".

Alien Spaceships & UFO's - ArtAlienTV Playlist